The Secret Passage

Everyone was up early this morning, anticipating some kayaking fun. We loaded up the truck and were off to Woodville. When we arrived, there were many boat trailers parked in the parking lot, but there was very little boating activity in the area. The boats typically launch from the (free) launch located there, then cruise up to the north end of the lake.

Michelle opted out of kayaking again today, so Randy, Ben, and I inflated our kayaks and headed out into the lake. The water was smooth as glass, just like it was last evening.

We paddled out with ease but realized that the lake was heavily laden with seaweed and waterlillies that we had to work around in a few areas. We had planned to paddle about half a mile, directly across the lake, then northward. As we paddled, however, we came upon the mouth of a river called East River… was so intriguing, we decided to enter the river for an explore… we approached, it felt as though we were entering a secret passage…heading into a new world unfamiliar to us!

We paddled along on a surface that was so smooth and glassy, it was amazing….we passed two kayaks, and later, a pair of canoes, and even saw some men fishing from a small boat.  Oh, as we turned into the mouth of the river, we could clearly see the wind generators sitting high up on the hills south of Naples!

As we glided along, we passed the most awesome sight! Not more than ten or fifteen feet away, a beautiful Great Blue Heron observed us as we passed by. I longed for my camera! I could have taken such cool pictures….this bird had seen many an unthreatening watercraft pass by, and showed little concern as we ooooed and ahhhed!

We went deeper and deeper into the river, filled with a sense of adventure. Cattails lined the banks of the river, and although it seemed as though we were far from civilization,  we did pass by others who also enjoyed the mystique of this region. It was only when we saw the fishing boat in the distance that we decided to turn around.

I felt so overwhelmed by this new place that I rested against my seat, face towards the clouds and sky, just taking in the whole essence of my surroundings. It was then that I caught sight of a large bird flying above. I thought it as perhaps the heron, but as I watched, I could see that the wings and head carriage were not those of a heron. It had to be the eagle we had been told about! 

We had been out paddling for over an hour when we arrived back at the launch. I was having a little trouble with my legs hurting and driving me crazy, so I hopped out and told Randy and Ben I couldn’t go out again. They had a cold soda, then headed back out without me.  I was fine once I walked around again….I think sitting with my feet straight out in front of me for longer than an hour is just really hard!

While Randy and Ben were out, I got out my camera to capture a few photos around the lake…


The lake was so smooth, I captured the clouds reflected off the water!








About an hour after they left, Randy and Ben returned.


This is one of the inflatable kayaks…..


Getting folded up to place in the truck…..


And ready to go out for tomorrow’s adventure!


We went back home to change clothes. Ben and Michelle got ready for a picnic with one of their friend’s church. The picnic was at Ontario County Park which I showed last September on this blog.

Randy wanted to see the lookout, and today’s atmospheric conditions were perfect for a couple of good photos…..



After leaving the park, Mark, Randy, and I went up to the mall about 35 miles away. We wandered around some, ate at the food court, then headed back towards home. It was about 7:15 when we picked the kids up. Another full day….and, weather permitting (again) tomorrow promises to be another full day!

We were so busy, we all nearly forgot that today was Mr. Murphy’s third birthday! Happy Birthday my dear little Scottie lad!!!