Morning Garden Visitors

When I look back at all the ground I covered today, I am awestruck that I am still awake! It was a very busy day for me.  I got up and raced through some housework and laundry, then mowed the lawn, trimmed bushes, and weeded the gardens. The lawn was a total mess, as the last time I mowed the entire thing was weeks ago!

After mowing, we decided to run on up to Canandaigua to go kayaking.  Michelle was too tired to go, so Ben, Randy, and I went out.  I wore my snug-fitting (corset?) life jacket, and I am pleased to say that for the first time, I didn’t end up with the thing around my ears! (This is the vest I tried on in the wholesale club to test out!)  Finally, I have a vest I can wear and not fight to keep it in its proper place!

We went out on the lake and YIKES! There were many, many boats anchored at the head of the lake. We had to look to the left, right, forward, and behind. I was a little distraught at the number of young-looking kids out drinking on the lake. It was “only” beer, but beer can still get people drunk! It looked like some of these kids must come from quite wealthy homes, as several boats looked very expensive. It would be hard to imagine kids in their late teens or early 20’s owning such impressive watercraft.

There was a good breeze blowing on the lake, and we all had a little trouble working against the wind and waves. We noticed that other kayaks were just coasting as paddling was a monumental task! We were only out for maybe forty-five minutes, but that was enough. The waves from the wind were fun to ride, but we had to keep our wits about us so as not to get in the way of power boats.

We got home again at almost seven, so I sprinted once again to fix a meal. I grilled chicken that I had marinated all day, fixed scalloped potatoes (from a box) with some turkey ham mixed in, and heated some corn on the cob left over from the other day. We ate out on the porch and it was fun, although when the sun went over the hill to the west, we had to don our jackets!

I finished up cleaning the kitchen  at about 8:30 and felt as though I was going to fall down and not get back up again!!!

Oh, on our way home from Canandaigua, Mark went down to Woodville at the south end of the lake. We could scarcely believe our eyes. The water was smooth as glass….no waves, no rough water. Just a surface so smooth, it looked nearly surreal! We plan to go there tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

And, about those garden visitors! As I was working my way through snipping and clipping the side garden, a pretty little moth came and landed on a Coneflower.  I called out to Michelle to bring my camera to me…I was sure by the time she came with the camera, the little moth would be long gone; to my surprise, it lingered on.



While working on getting the moth, a little bumblebee came along. The one thing I have noticed about bumblebees this year is that there seem to be far fewer around than the past couple of years. I also notice that they are smaller in size than in previous years.


Tomorrow looks like another busy day, but I guess we must make the most of the little bit of summer that reamains!