Trip to Cuba…New York, that is!

We have been enjoying such awesome clouds lately. Those wonderful Canadians have been sending down some cool weather, via the jetstream, blessing us with a cooler and wetter summer than usual. I will not complain…I am enjoying it 100%!



My brother Randy decided to come visit us for a few days. He took off work Monday and Tuesday so we can have a few days to go out on the lake with our little kayaks.  Since my birthday is coming up next week and my parents are planning to come for a visit,  Randy decided not to drive, but rather, we met my family in Cuba.


We met at “the landmark”, that is, McDonald’s.  Last year, we had spotted a pizzeria next door to Mickey D’s and today, we decided to check it out.  The menu sure looked good, and the prices seemed so reasonable.  So, we ordered a pizza and wings for takeout.


After ordering, Mark and I went to look for a park where we could picnic. First we went to a firemen’s park, but one of the signs read, No Dogs Allowed.  Since Fritz had come along for the ride with my parents and Randy, that was not the place to eat.

We drove around a little and the kids remembered a park they had seen last summer. We checked it out, and it was the perfect spot!  It even had signs reminding pet owners to clean up after their four-legged friends.

It had a beautiful pavilion and all sorts of playground stuff. And, not one soul was there enjoying this gorgeous spot while we ate!



The pizza was terrific…the wings, bellissimo!


I think we all ate until we could eat no more!


And then the kids played.


And then it was time to head home.

As we drove along small winding country roads towards home,  I saw the fantastic moon! It was so big and so cool! I asked Mark to stop…I needed to take a picture! He pulled over and as cars passed by us, he hollered for me to HURRY…Ugh….I had to sit in the truck and take my pictures!  WHY can’t my family understand my photo “habit”?

Oh well. I love the colors in this photo. It was dusk and there was that big moon hanging above the cows and the pretty pink-tinged clouds!



What a lovely ending this was to a very relaxing and satisfying day!