What to Do While Waiting….

Yesterday afternoon, we took the kids down to Naples where they met up with several of their friends.  The plan was for the kids to spend six hours with their friends just “hanging out together”.  The kids are all good and responsible, so we agreed to let them go.  After dropping them off, Mark wondered aloud, what on earth will we do for six hours? Gee, I had a few things up my sleeve!

The first thing we did was take a little ride to a small town about 30 miles south of Naples. We drove around a bit, then I wanted to go over to Arby’s to grab a bite to eat. That particular Arby’s has never disappointed us with bad food. We drove over to the tiny airport located in the town and sat and ate our meal in the truck.

After we finished our dinner, we went over to the supermarket to do a little grocery shopping. I haven’t been shopping (seriously, at least) in quite some time.  Mark enjoys looking through the aisles when the kids aren’t around, as they often rush him along.

We left the small town and began our journey back towards Naples. As we drove along, Mark made a comment on the wind generators that keep cropping up along the hillsides. I asked if he wanted to see some of them up close and he agreed he would. We made a turn in the opposite direction of home and headed up into the hills.  I know that generators aren’t everyone’s “cup of tea”,  but I don’t think I will ever fail to be fascinated by their enormous size!  I also feel that the less fossil fuels we use, the better.  And, the less dependent we are on foreign oil, so much the better. We are a nation that is blessed with an abundance of natural resources of many differing types, and we must put these to good use.

Mark and I discussed the “ugly” factor generators sitting atop hills present. Can you imagine how people felt seeing telephone poles with saggy lines drooping from them? What about those lovely cell towers? Necessary evils. Not pretty to see. Not exactly what we want nor desire.  Progress means sacrifices and compromises. New York is such a big state, and we still have pristine refuges that the government controls, so there is little threat of ruining all of the landscape. As I have stated previously, when I see the generators, I see independence. And, independence always comes with a price….




An interesting aside to the generators is that although they were a source of great heated discussion in the town,  I don’t see any great increase in the attempted sale of properties in the town.  The “farm” hasn’t been completed yet and it still looks like it needs to be connected to the “grid”. I am not sure just how long all this is supposed to take, but I suppose those behemoths will begin turning in the not-too-distant future.

We arrived back in Naples around seven o’clock. I thought I saw the kids in the local pizzeria, so Mark parked the truck along Main Street and I hopped out to see what was up with the kids.  They were playing games in the game room at the pizzeria, and they made plans for us to pick them up at eight.

I looked over across the street and remembered reading about Dallywaters Tea Room in the paper. Hailed as the best English tea room and art gallery in the Finger Lakes,  this is one place I need to visit! The hosts are English, so it looks as though it would be a very fun adventure! (and not far away!)


 Seeing this tearoom jostled a memory in my mind that I *needed* to take a photo of a certain house in Naples!  I explained to Mark I was going to hike over to the other side of town to take some photos.  He nodded, and off I went. Naples is a small village, but it has a fairly long Main Street! I walked for almost fifteen minutes to get to my destination. I passed vineyards growing along the street…..


Bill, over in Scotland, had recently posted an entry to his blog featuring very colorful houses in Tobermory .  Well, I am sure this one particular house could rival those of Tobermory! Take a look!



Judging from the “tower” at the top of this house, I would venture to say it is a very old house! My kids refer to it as the “hippie house”, although it actually home to several businesses.


Mark surprised me by coming to pick me up as I was making my way back towards the truck. He wanted to see the park the town built with several soccer fields. We drove over and parked to burn up the last few minutes of waiting for the kids.  We were treated to a lovely sunset!


So, while waiting for the kids, I was able to find just a few things to photograph. Where did the time go?