Bristolwood Captures

This morning, I went outside just to take a few photos of the flowers growing in front of the house.  I had planted all of these flowers and was happy to see how well they are thriving, with the exception of the Butterfly Bushes.  I think they aren’t getting enough sunlight, but that will soon change, as we have to cut down several trees in front of the house. They are not only growing too closely to the house, but four or five of them look as though they have been badly damaged by insects.

As I went out the front door, a hummingbird was there to greet me!


 A couple of days ago, I noticed a Monarch Butterfly around the yard. I kept hoping I would see it again. And, I did! Today, it was resting on a Coneflower. I was fortunate enough to capture it, but unfortunately, its wings were closed….


My Hydrangea is a bit of an enigma this year…..I didn’t begin feeding it Miracid (acidic food) until late so it didn’t make it to a blue color this year.  But, it also isn’t pink….a color it turns when it hasn’t gotten “quite” enough acidic feeding. Instead, my Hydrangea is purple!


The Black-Eyed Susans in my garden are resplendent….They emit sunshine and happiness on even the cloudiest of days!


One of my sad little Butterfly Bushes is bowing low on the grass…I really think they need more sunshine and this year, those blasted gypsy caterpillars ate the dickens out of them!


And look what little wildflower was growing in the lawn! When I mowed the front yard the other day, I spotted this lone little Bachelor’s Button growing. I carefully mowed all around it….how could I mow this beautiful little flower?


I love this capture….the dew was still standing (and dripping) from the Jewelweed growing in the ditch…the sun was coming up behind the flowers, causing the “Jewels” to sparkle. The dew on the leaves behind the plant reflected the sun making them look almost like tiny Christmas lights!


I don’t know what this particular weed is, but I love its delicate, feathery appearance!


Up in the woods, just above the driveway, there are lots of bright wild Sunflowers, adding more sunshine to contrast with the greenery.


And, if I could not have blue eyes the color of the sky, how about that gorgeous periwinkle of the Wild Chicory?


Right next to the mailbox, there is an abundant bouquet of Birdsfoot Trefoil…..


The most perfect garden, which I had nothing to do with, is the wildflower one growing next to the road!


And, just in time for my birthday next week, a most greatly-appreciated bouquet of color has appeared…. I have mentioned here before just how much I love Queen Anne’s Lace and Wild Chicory together!!!