The Cuckoo Cockatoo

No photos with this story, but I just gotta share….

Today was a day of many errands.  We had to drive the camper in for repair of the broken awning, meet Pastor Bert’s son, Derek, to drop off his laptop, buy some dog  Scottie food, and the list went on and on.

Check off camper. Check off meeting with Derek. Oops, check envelope dropped off at post office. Ah, yes, the pet supply store is just down the road.

Mark parks the truck and I hop out. He reminds me to grab some extra bags of “cookies” for the boys. I am off and headed into the store.

This happens to be the store that sells birds. There are parrots of every size, every color, and every personality.  The dog food is over in the left side of the building, and the birds are over to the right. 

As I walked into the building, I heard squawking and, well, curiosity got the best of me. I wandered over to the right and encountered many birds.  I love how they watch as people walk by, and I often stop to tell them how pretty they are!  Such was the case with a cockatoo that was out of the cage. (The birds have had their flight feathers clipped and are allowed to get out; they basically stay right there in their own little “corner”.)

This particular bird was watching as I walked by, pushing a shopping cart.  As I approached, it really didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this bird was very interested in something.  I stopped, bent down, and told the bird what a pretty cockatoo he was!

The bird began dipping up and down with his head, then he walked over a cage, onto a large wooden branch…and hopped right up on the shopping cart! He bent over, grabbing the strap used to secure little ones in the cart. I laughed, but felt a tad nervous, as this fellow had a rather large beak and BIG feet!

A woman with two older teen sons watched and laughed as I tried to explain to the bird that I was there to buy dog food, not a bird! One of the boys came over, putting out his arm, and convincing the bird to jump on it. He then placed the bird back on top of one of the cages.  I turned the corner to look at the other birds. As I was watching a brightly-colored duo of parrots, I nearly laughed out loud as the cockatoo came dashing over the cages and right up to me, once again jumping right onto my shopping cart!

The woman and her sons were roaring with laughter as they watched this crazed cockatoo pursuing me with great gusto. They thought I should reconsider my purchases, as this bird obviously was trying to convey how much he wanted to go home with me. The obliging son came over once again, to my rescue, although by this time, I was fairly convinced I could have placed the bird on the cage myself.  As he put the bird back up on the cage, I raced away, saying I had better leave before he “jumped me” again!

I made haste to the dog food aisle and picked out my bag, as well as two bags of treats.

That is when curiosity rose up in me once again! I walked quietly over by the birds. There he was. As soon as he spotted me, it was like a magnet being drawn to steel. He opened up his (clipped) wings and was thinking about once again pouncing upon me, when I just had to leave. I couldn’t bear to see the poor fellow dejected once again….

I came to the conclusion it really wasn’t the shopping cart he was interested in….it was me!

I told Mark about my new little friend. He merely rolled his eyes…..