Sheer Wonderment

Last night, right after posting about how much drier it is here than it was where we were camping, E-G-A-D-S!  The skies turned wickedly black and foreboding…Thunder boomed louder and louder, sending Michelle to sit next to me. Lightening lit up the woods as though massive spotlights were searching down from the heavens for something or someone….

The skies then opened up and it rained and rained and rained.

This morning, things looked a bit better, but then it grew darker and darker. Again, the rains came, pounding down with such wrath,  anyone outside without protection would certainly need to retreat to a covered area lest they be bruised by the pelting drops!

Later in the morning, the sun played peek-a-boo and Michelle asked if she could sit in the hot tub. I told her of course she could. She and Ben went out and enjoyed the bubbly water for what seemed like forever.

I went outside to see the kids and Michelle pointed towards the hummingbird feeder. I looked at her  and she explained the hummingbird sitting there had been there for a long time. I walked closer to the feeder, and the little bird didn’t budge. Very unusual. Michelle told me that the bird had been buzzing near her head. She wondered if perhaps the bird was attracted to her swimsuit.

I went into the house and got my camera. Michelle nodded that yes, the wee bird was still there as I re-emerged through the door. I walked as close as I dared and took a photo…


You can see the tiny subject was looking a bit “scruffy”. Her feathers were ruffled and she looked almost as though recovering from some encounter…

Satisfied, I took my camera back inside, not wanting to disturb the little bird. A few minutes later, I watched in disbelief as Michelle came toward the bird sitting on the feeder. She had her hand out in front of her and she walked right up to the feeder, slowly and quietly. She then put a finger on the tiny body and ran it across its back. The bird sat totally still as she repeated the motion again! After a couple of minutes, the little bird straightened its feathers, then flew off!

The only regret I have is that I was inside the house and if I had tried to take a photo, I would have been shooting through a screen and the flash would have ruined the photo. But, the look on Michelle’s face was simply amazing….We have all seen tiny babies with their faces aglow in wonder at Christmas lights, but the look in Michelle’s eyes would rival that innocent gaze……

Later this afternoon, we detached the camper from the truck and drove down to pick up our mail from the post office.  We stopped at the fruit and veggie market and then the grocery store to pick up a few items.

On our way home, I asked Mark to take the “low road” through Woodville so I could see what was new. One thing I noticed immediately is that the water level of the lake is really high! All that rain has certainly filled the lake, and then some!

I was able to catch a cool photo of some ducks on a dock…the sun had been shining on the dock, and the warmth of the metal must have been inviting to them….


Hmmmm…..wonder where all the boy ducks went?

We finished up all the laundry from our camping trip, plus some more and just kind of rested and recovered. It really is nice to be home!