Love Abounding…

After visiting the military park, I walked over to the truck, thinking my photo-shooting assignment was now complete. Mark, however, told me I needed to walk on!

Past the military park is a long narrow penninsula that is the Erie Basin Marina. Mark had spoken to the guard on duty and convinced him to allow him to drive through the marina just one quick time. You see, the guard spotted Angus next to Mark and the marina has a strict regulation, NO dogs allowed.  As Mark cruised along the drive, he just knew I would find lots and lots of photo ops. Boy, was he correct!

I will post (yet) another entry later regarding the absolutely stunning marina later. For now….

At the end of the penninsula is the tower shown in the photo below. And, of course, Ben wanted to climb on up the stairs to the top! Who was I to argue, anyway? As we passed a little “beach” looking area, I saw chairs and a setup that looked like a wedding? Then I heard a man telling someone that the wedding “begins at five and the local TV stations were going to be there.”

The aforementioned facts were enough to make me wait the nearly half-hour for the wedding festivities to begin….


At about four-forty-five, guests were arriving.


Off to the side, I saw another bride emerge from a limosine just long enough for some photos to be taken. (with Lake Erie in the background) I caught her re-entering the limo.


A little farther beyond, another tiny wedding was commencing. Five people drove up in a white mini-van.  It must hve been bride, groom, two witnesses, and the clergy.  This was a quick ceremony, lasting only about 20 minutes.


Finishing touches were placed on the trellis….(notice how the girl’s dress is blowing….even with image stabilization, I had to really dig my elbows into the concrete building to hold steady!)


Everyone is pretty much set up by now. If you expand this photo, read the red-lettered warning sign in the lower left! (hope the bride and groom aren’t “swept away”!!!)


The bridesmaids/maid of honor and groomsmen have arrived and now await……


Okay, another ad (unpaid, of course) for that Panasonic camera. These photos were all taken with that camera, high atop the observation deck shown earlier. If you enlarge these photos, the details are fabulous! I know, the Nikon would have been better, but the 10x zoom on that Panasonic is about equivalent to the 70-300 mm lens on my Nikon. Less bulky, and (in my humble opinion) good quality photos, even at 10x zoom!


Here comes the bride accompanied by Mom and Dad?



By this time, Ben was getting stir-crazy, so we came down from our grand lookout and we went out onto the rocks to take some more photos.

Couldn’t help but shoot a photo as we walked past the wedding….


And a close-up of the bride and groom!


As we strolled along the promenade, we spotted……ANOTHER bridal pair! (with their photographer!)


This bride’s dress sparkled in the sunlight as the gorgeous beaded bodice seemed to glow! And what a pretty pink inset on the backside of her gown!




Hey, they were actually posing for their photographer, but I really like the way my photos came out!  Wouldn’t it be fun to do wedding photography?


Not sure which wedding party this limo driver was waiting on. Come to think of it, I wonder how many wedding parties were awaiting in the wings!

It was only after looking up one of the local television stations that I realized why so many weddings! It seems many couples felt that the date 08/08/08 was the big day!  The station also reminded viewers that the number “8” turned 90 degrees is the symbol for infinity!


Ah, love….isn’t it grand?

Buffalo’s Great Grain Connection

Through the amazing wonderment of modern technology, here I sit, with computer, cell phone, and card from Wonder-Camera, in the mall parking lot, resizing photos to upload and write this entry!

This is an UNPAID ad for the DMC-TZ5 Panasonic Lumix Camera. I LOVE this camera!!! It is small, lightweight, and able to be smuggled taken anywhere. With its Leica lens, it offers great quality in a relatively inexpensive package. (around $300.o0 US)  With its Japanese technology, it really is a little gem. It comes in three flavors….silver, black, or blue. Guess which color mine is? Okay. Enough said.

Buffalo, I discovered, is famous for its grain elevators! I have seen these huge silos all my life and never knew their usage or history, until yesterday!


There are grain elevators on the left and on the right side of this photo….


If you read my blog, you know that one of my favorite things is storyboards! If you expand this photo and take a couple of minutes to read, you will be informed about Buffalo’s importance in the grain industry!




Buffalo has suffered for years and years….the brunt of many a joke about its large snowfalls. There is so much cool and interesting history located here.  Now that I have alerted you, dear reader, as to Buffalo’s “downside”, I will advise you….the skyway that you see in the photos is sometimes closed in really severe weather in Buffalo. Being so high in the sky, when that puppy freezes, it makes for some very treacherous travel!  Now that I have let the cat outta the bag, I will lead on to my next entry….a very light and lovely one, indeed!

A Visit to Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park

Last night’s entry showed what we awakened to yesterday morning! Rain, rain, and more rain! The puddles at the campsite swelled and grew to the point where we wondered if we were going to need a rowboat to reach our camper when we returned early in the evening!

Mark had always wanted to see the Buffalo Naval Park, but when we got there, it was pretty late in the afternoon, and it seemed like all of the good parking spots were already taken. Mark decided to stay in the truck, but urged me to take photos. Oh boy!

All of the downpours we have had lately contribute to one glorious circumstance….everything looks fabulous! The grass is so green and the flowers, brilliant! The sidewalks all appear to have been freshly-swept and life just looks glistening when the sun appears. You will notice that in the photos that follow, colors are glowing, and the powerful clouds in the sky just amplify the intensity of sapphire skies. Yes, this was nearly intoxicating!

Remember, however, we are only a few “steps” away from the downtown of the city of Buffalo. The contrasts are beyond belief….


This photo is the USS Little Rock in the foreground. If you expand the photo, you will see the HSBC Arena (the domed shape just to the right side of the ship) where the Buffalo Sabres Hockey is played.  The long highway rising up above the water is the Skyway. I traveled that road so many times, going home to visit my family, while I was living in Buffalo! On the right of the photo are grain elevators for General Mills Foods. I will have a separate post regarding grain elevators….


Closer view of the USS Little Rock…


A very cool submarine called the USS Croaker!




This ship always gets to me and makes me cry. It is called the USS Sullivans. Yes, that is “Sullivans”, plural. This ship is named in remembrance of the five Sullivan brothers who served in World War II and were all killed.  The ship sports a shamrock on it as a tribute to the brothers’ Irish heritage.












Walking about in this park is an eye-opening experience, causing one to reflect, if only for a moment, upon the service men and women who have given their lives for our country. The park is so beautiful….perhaps a reflection of the American spirit that presses on, even in the midst of hard/bad times.