I Think I Heard the Ducks Complaining!

Yes, I am pretty sure that the ducks are getting a little discouraged by all of the water accumulating about the premises….


Mark reassures me that camping is fun, even in the rain. Okay, so having a camper does mean that we needn’t be troubled by soggy, wet bedding and such. At the flick of a switch, we can have the furnace merrily warming and drying the place out.

Ben has fared rather well, in spite of the downpours we seem to experience on a daily basis.  Were we Native Americans, living back in the days, I suppose this might become “the year of the big rains”! Ben’s tent, accosted by the latest round of deluges, has become just a tad “afloat”. Ben would rather we refer to it as being his “waterbed”…..


Yeah…when I stepped inside that tent early this afternoon, I felt the water parting beneath the weight of my foot….

We bravely decided to go on an outing today….we were not going to let the forecast of possible hail dampen our spirits! As we passed through the park, we noticed even the countenance of the park has taken on a new look…

Yes, even the ducks are confused as to the parameters of their domain. They must be questioning,  Where is the lake?  Or, possibly, Where isn’t the lake?



As I said, we went out. We had a glorious day and the weather was of no account. It did sprinkle a bit here and there, but the majority of the day was blue skies and white clouds….

Feeling rather exhausted, I will post tomorrow about some of our little adventures. In the meantime, keep that umbrella handy!