Kingdom Bound, Day Three….Farewell!

Last night’s concerts were the final ones of Kingdom Bound, 2008.  We arrived at about 5:00 and were able to catch a group called 33 Miles. We have heard them on the radio, and they were great. Next came another fabulous artist named Matthew West.  Matthew recounted events of last year in which he had to have surgery on his vocal cords last May. Doctors were uncertain as to the outcome….whether he would sing again, or not, but he is  fantastic!

After Matthew West, one of the “big draws” was the British group Delirious? One of the band members has asked to be dismissed from the group, as he wants to work for Compassion, International, as well as spend more time with his family. The group decided that perhaps this was the time to retire, so we were thrilled to see one of their last concerts….they will continue concerts through 2008. Here are some photos of the group…




Now, mind you, these fellows were all dressed “to the “T”. Their suits were amazing and they were wearing what looked like very nice dress shirts. Mark and I just looked at each other and giggled when the lead singer removed his suit jacket and turned around…..


He will never be called spineless!!! 

The final performance of the evening was by the Australian group, The Newsboys.  If you have ever seen one of their shows,  you will remember it…..vividly!


One of the Newsboys’ most famous songs was their recording Shine.When Peter Furler began singing the song, a most amazing thing happened! Suddenly, the air was FILLED with confetti!!!



There was also smoke….


And more smoke….


But the highlight of the concert is when drummer Duncan is hoisted into the air, hyraulically….



Turned on his SIDE, then SPUN!


Duncan is one of the most phenomenal drummers I have ever heard. He is full of energy and WOW!

Needless to say, the last concerts were great! We enjoyed every minute. ALL of the concerts we attended each day were TERRIFIC! This was another one of “the best, ever, Kingdom Bounds”. Now all we need to do is wait again until NEXT Kingdom Bound!