Some Pretty Poseys to Ponder

I had mentioned how appealing Wild Chicory is, growing alongside Queen Anne’s Lace, but the yellow in this “natural bouquet” just adds some contrast and vibrant hues!


As we enter the campground,  these stunning orange Lillies call out, “Greetings!


Yesterday, Mark and I had that burdensome task of finding gas at the best price. As we passed this station, I couldn’t believe te beautiful Hibiscus flowers calling out to passers-by!  This little garden os actually located on the corner of two very busy roads near Buffalo!


We are looking forward to this evening’s concerts. Mark is snoozing away on the bed, totally passed out. (I am sure he was awake a great deal longer than he was asleep last night, wondering how we were going to address the broken awning issue!)

Kingdom Bound, Day Two…Oh Glory!

Well, we are told in Scripture to praise God in ALL things. All things. Even the hard things…

Yesterday’s weather forecast was for passing thunderstorms in the afternoon. They never showed up!  Mark and I enjoyed a relatively quiet afternoon, while the kids had fun with their friend, Jonathan and his cousin, Cole.

We bought the kids a sub and met up with them….they had a tailgate picnic and then left to go listen to some bands. I should have mentioned previously that there are stages set up in the park…I think a total of three including the PAC.

Mark and I enjoyed listening to a new-to-us group called Downhere. They were great. Following them was Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. We have seen this group a number of times. They even competed on a television show called America’s Next Greatest Band. Unusual for a brass/rock band with a lead singer with a voice reminiscent of Frank Sinatra (Denver is just that smooth!) but they finished in the top three bands. The most amazing of all is that the band who finished first, as well as Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, are both Christian bands!

After Denver & TMHO, we were treated to a group called Big Daddy Weave. This band has been around awhile and we hear many of their songs played on the radio. They were awesome….their music is very worshipful. One of the songs had a verse that is so simplistic, but as I listened, it “clung” to my heart:

“I love My Father, My Father loves me, I dance for my Father, and my Father sings over me.”

As I said, very simple, but it seemed so profound last night.

Suddenly, the skies turned black and lightening began flashing across the skies. The lightening grew more and more scary and I am not frightened by storms. The PAC has no sides on it, so when the rains…no, torrential downpours, began, with strong winds, everyone began getting saturated.   We sat still….then, the power failed.  The center does have emergency generators, which functioned to give some light, but as we sat, streams of water began flowing beneath our feet!

Michelle and Ben came to us after some time, totally drenched. Michelle wanted to go back to the campground to get warm and dry clothes. She and I left and what we returned to was a nightmare! The ground was soaked….Ben’s tent had some water in it. As Michelle passed by the awning of the camper, which was slung low, filled with water, the bar that is attached to the outside edge bent in half and snapped part way. Some teens near our campsite heard it and screamed. Michelle was within inches of having been under it and getting hurt….

Mark called from the concert. He had been really looking forward to seeing the group Salvador, but all people in wheelchairs were being advised to leave as another round of storms might be headed that way, along with damaging hail.  Michelle, the Scotties, and I went back and picked up Ben and Mark and came back.

Mark was unable to enter the camper with the sagging awning, so he slept in the truck. Michelle, concerned for Mark, slept in the back seat of the truck. Ben’s wet tent was not very appealing, so he slept on the camper couch.

I think Mark was worried and didn’t sleep much at all. Michelle said her sleep was not peaceful at all.

This morning, Mark called the insurance company and discovered the awning is covered by our insurance.  The guy he spoke with on the phone said the rain and wind was horrible last night, so apparently, this was a rather widespread storm. A new awning, plus installation would have been quite pricey, but our insurance has a $200.00 deductible, so that is all we will have to pay. Praise God!

So, we praise God that no one was injured by the awning as it broke and we are thankful we were able to roll it up and now it is secure until we finally head back home. Mark had called an RV repair shop and the guy there said it might be impossible to even roll the awning up! Praise God, again…as Michelle held the weakened section of the bar that broke, we were able to roll it right up! Phew!

Day number two of Kingdom Bound included some stress and aggravation, but, we are fine. The camper is fine in spite of its sagging awning, but Mark said if the bar had broken cleanly in two, it might have swung back and dented the camper….one more thing to be thankful about!

So, Praise God….all is well. Today is the final day of Kingdom Bound, and as always, it will be sad to say good-bye. We will remain camping for a few days and on our way home, we will leave the camper at the repair shop.  Not too bad, after all!

Praise God!