Our First Day at Kingdom Bound

The kids were so nervous about meeting up with one of their friends yesterday, they made Mark and me nervous as well! They had planned to meet their friend at noon, so we scrambled off to make it just in time.

We had to stop by a table to have the tickets we bought online scanned….then we were each issued a “lovely”….did I ever say I REALLY don’t care for the color orange that much?…..bracelet. The orange designates that we are “full event” attendees. 


Mark and I looked at one another after receiving our lovely bracelets. Since I had been so sick in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I wasn’t sure I was up to a full day of walking about in the sun at Darien Lake.  The temperatures got up into the 80’s, and with the sun, it would be too hot.

Mark and I took a little drive and went to lunch.  We brought the Scottie boys with us, and parked them in the shade of an enormous tree.  Mark worried they might be baking and when he went out to the truck, was amazed they were cool and not even panting!

We kept in touch with the kids all day via the cell phones. Really convenient, that was!

Mark and I were back at the park by about 4:30. Last year, one of the lessons we learned is that in order to secure a decent parking place, one needs to arrive long before the concerts begin….particularly the big names.

The photo below is the “PAC” as it is called….an acronym for Performing Arts Center.  This is where the most “famous” Christian artists perform at night. Don’t tell the kids that…they love the rowdy younger-set  “stuff” and think their groups are the biggest!


We found our seats and Mark was delightfully surprised by the music of Vicki Beeching, a wonderful young British worship leader. (http://vickybeeching.com/ )  If you click on the link and read her entry about her trip to the US from England, it will make you truly grateful for every smooth air trip you’ve taken!!!


After Vicky’s performance, we were introduced to another new-to-us band from Cananda, called New World Son. ( http://www.newworldson.com/newworldson/index.html ) Wow, they were a very lively and refreshing band!  We thoroughly enjoyed them!


The lead singer did have one “slight” problem, however….where did he get that jacket?


Following New World Son was a group from Texas, called Leeland.  (http://www.leelandonline.com/oppositeway/main )  We were familiar with their music. By the time they were on stage, the sun was beginning to fall in the sky, and it was turning chilly!  I love this photo I captured of the lead singer with the sunset behind him….



The big draw and closing act for the night was a group called Third Day. ( http://www.thirdday.com/ ) 


This proved to be a very entertaining night and the music was great. We enjoyed it and it seemed liked each artist had something unique and wonderful to say!

Note to self: remember jacket tonight….or FREEZE! Hmmm…even that  Union Jack would be WARM! hehehe…