Out and About

Greetings, and may you be in good health! Strange salutation, huh? Well, yesterday, I spent hours and hours, getting our camper prepared for a little trip….yes, it is once again time for Kingdom Bound, and the kids are nearly silly with excitement!

We left home and drove to the campground, setting up and getting things in order. After setting up, we drove off to Buffalo for some dinner and to pick up a few things on our shopping list.  We had stopped by our local convenience store on the way and picked up a sub for lunch.  By dinner, I was so thirsty, I just wanted water. Mark stopped by McDonald’s for a snack, and I ordered a little hot fudge sundae.  After shopping, Mark and the kids ate at a taco place, but I really wasn’t hungry at all.

After arriving back at the camper, I felt sick. My stomach looked bloated and it hurt! I went in to lie down and hopefully sleep, but ended up being awake the entire night. I got violently ill around 1 am.  No idea what it was….flu? Food poisoning?  I spent most of today sleeping, feeling like I was burning up and as though I had been the victim of a hit-and-run. Mark called a pharmacy this afternoon, as my head felt as though it was clamped in a vise. The pharmacist advised that I take some Tylenol or Ibuprophen and also that I should drink Pedialyte to replenish electrolytes. Mark went out and bought some Pedialyte ice pops for me….they are so tasty!

I am almost all better now. Not too bad. 24 hours…I can deal with that! Poor little Michelle looked at me with her incredibly expressive brown eyes and asked if we should just go home. I asked which was better…..being sick at home, or here in the camper. I explained that since everything I need is here in the camper, we could just wait this thing out.

Living in the woods, I am always amazed by nightime skies when I can see them….cannot see much through all the trees we have! So, last night, while in Buffalo, I took these photos:




Kingdom Bound began today, and there were some bands i really wanted to see. But, I am resting and getting better so tomorrow will be a GREAT day!