Weird Day, Photo-wise!

The past few days have not been stellar for photography here in the Bristolwood…I have been so busy lately.  We are still getting things cleaned up and put away from our mini-vacation. The bug I had seems to finally be leaving for good….the coughing is beginning to leave….finally! Hurrah! There is nothing more discouraging than getting sick. But, getting sick in the heat of summer is horrible!  However, I digress….

This afternoon, we had to run to several stores for this, that, and the other thing.  Mark rarely goes up our hill to head out, but today, he did.  We got up to the top of the hill and there was Mrs. Turkey, standing in the center of the road!  She just stood there for what seemed like minutes,  staring at us, before she decided she had better hoof it!


With all due respect to Benjamin Franklin, *why on earth* did he want the turkey to represent our national bird?

We  finished some of our chores, then we stopped by Wegman’s so I could return soda bottles and cans.  When Michelle and I came out from the store, she told me to take a look at the Jelly Belly truck. I thought she was kidding, but nope…here it is in living color….


I would have gotten out to get a better shot, but someone else was in a hurry and couldn’t be troubled to stop.

We still had a few more stops to make, so off we went towards the mall.  We were out for a few hours, and the sun was beginning to fade off into the western sky…..


How is that for a pretty evening sky?  

As you can see, my photos today were so random and dispersed! Ah well, then, perhaps tomorrow will be better!

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  1. That’s what life is like – random and dispersed – and thank goodness for that. If life was predictable it would be boring (not that I’d object to boring once in a while!)

  2. I see the sunset was spectacular out your way as well last night. I had to run out for a few minutes (by myself, tee-hee-hee) and wished I had stopped to grab my camera. The clouds were rimmed with wonderful colors making the sky positively glow!

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