The Getaway…

We left our home on Sunday to meet up with my parents and brother, Randy.  We hitched up the little house on wheels and packed our bags for a couple of days’ worth of adventure. I took both of my cameras along, but in all honesty, I was too busy to stop and take many pictures!

On Sunday evening, I made up “hamburger packets” like the ones I remembered making so many years ago as a Girl Scout.  These were made from hamburger,  potatoes, carrots, onion, and some seasoning. (the veggies were all cut into bite-size pieces)  We made a fire, then allowed it to burn down to embers. We then placed the tightly-sealed foil packets containing the goodies listed above on the embers for about 25 or 30 minutes. At first, I was beginning to wonder if the packets were going to cook, but we could soon hear the sound of simmering food…..then, a while later, the scent of the packets began to permeate the air! As the packets cooked, Michelle assembled a blueberry crisp she had made ahead and then baked it in the camper oven. (yeah, we really rough it…) Everything was amazing! (and we even pulled the vanilla ice cream out of the freezer to put on the crisp!)

My parents left, and then came back the next day. We had so much fun just talking and laughing! Mark and I aren’t big fans of all the campfires that sometimes cause the heavy smoke-filled air to nearly gag one, but this time, we burned our own little fire. The temperature dropped quite a bit when the sun sunk in the sky, so the fires were so cozy and the air wasn’t bad at all.

On Tuesday morning, I went off to take photos by the beach area, as I had no photos at all! We were going to be coming home later in the day, so……

I was at the lake shortly after seven, with both cameras in hand.

How could I resist taking a photo like this? The water was reflecting everything so beautifully!


As soon as I stepped onto the dock to take some photos, a gorgeous blue dragonfly caught my attention…


There was a haziness in the air. It had been quite humid, but the lake was so beautiful. I was surrounded by lots of geese and not much else….Notice how the lake reflecting the sky was crystal clear….no haziness there!


I was nearly mesmerized by a beaver, slowly moving back and forth across the water. Try as I might, it was nearly impossible to get a clear shot. The fact that the beaver coming up for air was sporadic and the mist lingered in the air, made for some fancy photographic footwork!  Add to that, the beaver was a great distance away! I was able to catch some part of the busy little fellow! You can see him just above the water in the lower center of the photo….


And, of course, everybeaver has to have a place to call home…..


What could be more serene than water, distant hills, and only the little “splashing” sound of fish jumping up to catch an unsuspecting insect hovering overhead?


Later in the day, these rowboats would be getting a workout as guests rented them for a little fishing or explore….


As I walked across the sandy beach, I spotted a little one’s treasures he or she left behind the day before.  I couldn’t help but think back to my own childhood days when my grandparents would go with us to the beach and we would linger there until well into the night. I remember one time specifically, when I tagged along after my uncle Gerry, picking up driftwood that had been beached. Later in the night, we built a bonfire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows…..all in such good company. Those days are long gone….now, no public beach would allow fires like that!


Sure, you would never consider that a goose….a silly goose!….would be doing yoga on the beach early in the morning!  But, I witnessed it, firsthand! Okay, so…let’s see YOU stand on one foot and stretch your wing! er, I mean arm!


This was the “sleepy segment” that apparently had not yet taken in their morning java!


While  the early birds were out grazing and taking advantage of the early morning sun!


I also came across Cinderella’s wee little slipper……..


And the beauty of nature seemed almost to envelope and swallow me….lost in thought…


King of the Beach’s throne………….


And the boats standing ready if needed for an emergency run out for a rescue!


I called out Adieu to my little early morning friends as they wandered away….


I relied upon my cameras to accurately record this splendid morning.  Ah, the scents, the tranquility…these cannot be captured by any camera.  But the beauty seemed just so awesome in the quiet and peaceful setting…..





As I looped back around from where I had begun, I could not help but bring to mind the verses of Scripture where God was creating….and I looked at the hills and proclaimed that “God said it is good”!


And, back to the reality of life here on planet Earth…Every evening, after dinner, we drove the few miles to deliver our trash to the park dump. I never saw such elaborate raccoon/bear deterrents!


Yes, stockade fencing complete with electrification!!!!

It was only a short time after my morning outing that we were hitching up once again to go to one more destination before returning home!

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  1. Possibly not the scents, but you’ve captured the tranquility. Early morning light seems so much softer somehow, even if there is a level of haziness inherent in it.

  2. These are lovely pictures!

    Inspired by your wildlife pictures, while I was away I tried to take a close-up picture of a bee on clover. Unfortunately it kept moving, so while I was quite pleased with the flower shot, the bee had always moved to hide behind the flower! Guess I’d better keep on practicing!

  3. Terri! WHAT is WRONG with you? hehehe!!!!! Gotta love those packet meals….I was poking about online, and I do believe there is a recipe for nearly everything one can imagine to put in foil!!! The sky is the limit..what fun to think up new creations!!!! Thanks re the photos. A day without taking pictures is a dull day, indeedy!!!!!

    Bill, the magical lighting seems to occur in morning and evening. These are my VERY favorite times to take photos…it is that”honey-gold” light from the sun that just causes colors to vibrate!!!! Oh, and the tree and clouds reflected on the water made me think of a photo you posted once…I do believe your tree was dead as well?

    Carly, sometimes I miss “home” so badly….

    Jackie, thank you! I was going to say that most of my close-ups of bees were done with my D-SLR, but in thinking about it, that would be a lie!!!! Does your camera have a macro mode? If so, that is the mode in which you might want to work….I have actually placed the camera lens ON bees before. (I have found many a bumblebee that was VERY tolerant of my antics!!!)

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