Saturday Snapshots

Nothing extraordinary today….just some shots from around my own yard…..




Oh, how I wish I could find the time and energy to plant some Blackberry bushes on the hill behind the pool. The wild ones grow there just fine…the only problem is, there are never ENOUGH!

And, while taking the photo of the berries, I was joined by something I had never noticed here before….


I think I must have seen five or six different varieties of dragonflies this year! I have never seen a green one before! Pretty wild psychedelic green that fellow is sporting. Hmm…wonder if he glows in the dark?

Can you see the dragonfly in the last photo? I love the way the light was playing on its wings, causing an almost “prism” effect!


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  1. I just *love* going around in our yard and taking pictures. Who knows ~ it’s probably boring to everyone else, but you can find *such* interesting things to take pictures of in your own backyard if you just look! These pictures are great. I love seeing what’s in other people’s backyards! This inspires me … maybe one day here soon I’ll do a photo blog entry with interesting things in our yard, too.

  2. Lisanne, the world that surrounds us is so cool….even though two photographers might choose the same subject, each will have their own interpretation…I have found that many of my photos are uniquely different and oftentimes as good as some from the pros. Never think of your photos as being “boring”….no WAY! Everyone is always looking for a new perspective. We often see photos taken “at a slant”…years ago, that would not have been good photography! Be yourself…just like your writing, your photos show/expose a unique part of who you are!!!!

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