Truly, *Someone* Jests!!!!

This morning, after taking the Scotties out and all, I went into the hot tub. I was hoping that the magic of yesterday would be re-created. Nope.  I got out feeling just as miserable as when I went in!  Yes, I awakened today feeling somewhat worse than yesterday. Yes, I know….I probably overdid it yesterday.  Today has been a day filled with sneezing like crazy.  I do not like sneezing. Not at all!

I was talking with Mark, when suddenly, this amazing downpour began.  We have had downpours before. But this one….it was unique! The rain looked as though it was falling like ribbons from the dark sky.  Mark looked out the window, Angus by his side.  It was not like rain we have seen before! And, it did NOT want to stop! After probably half an hour, it DID begin to slow up some, but what a MESS!

Michelle said the water on the little stone steps leading to the swingset looked like a fountain. She was not exaggerating.  Not at all!


I could have lightened these photos to show more/better detail, but I wanted to leave them to show just how dark it was!

This is a stone drain that runs along the base of the hill behind the house.  It is about 2 feet deep, and has a 6 inch drain pipe running in it. The thing was so overloaded, the water was sitting in puddles!


 There were three terrific benefits of all this rain:

1. The well will certainly be refreshed and replenished!

2. All the creosote that was on the outside of the chimney has been power-washed off! We had a friend who scrubbed all the creosote off about four or five years ago, but it does build up again. I was wracking my brain, trying to figure out how I was going to be able to remove it this year, as it was getting pretty bad.  Now, it looks shiny and wonderful!

3. The swimming pool is FULL!  I didn’t want to use our water to refresh the pool, as it was getting to be so dry this summer, and I didn’t want to have to buy water!


The non-existent stream in our front “yard” sprang to life and even went over its edges. That enormous “puddle” at the end of the photo is where a culvert drops the water down several feet. Needless to say, the culvert was of little value in this “spritz”!


The culvert that feeds the little stream in our front yard is 24 inches in diameter.  It did handle the water very well. Just to give you an idea of how “fast” this water was coursing, here is that 24 inch culvert with the runoff going through. If you expand this photo, I think I captured the velocity of the water rather well!


So, Mark tells me tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm.  He guarantees that I will be feeling better then…..

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  1. The weather has been very odd this week. The other night we had a hail storm while I was at work. Sounded like marbles on the metal roof. Then yesterday we had ridiculous downpours that caused all sorts of localized flooding. I have been trying to grill for several days now, and just can’t seem to find a time when there isn’t rain.

    You have definitely captured the movement of the water in your photos. Very nice!

  2. We have had a few storms like that since we’ve been in VA. Sometimes the sky opens up and just dumps a ton of water… at least this summer we don’t have a drought and I don’t have to refill my frogpond!

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