Argh! I Don’t Wanna Be Sick!

Well, first it was Ben. Then Michelle.

Last weekend, I felt so terribly tired. I kept complaining about the heat and I think my family might have been seriously considering sending me off to cooler climes.  Yes, I was that miserable….

Well, yesterday, “it” hit. I am not as sick as Michelle and Ben were. No sore throat. No sleeping all day long.  This morning when I awakened, I did feel as though someone had placed a vise-grip on my windpipe. It was a struggle to breathe deeply. I did take a Claritin (thank you, Carly!) and that helped immensely. It not only made a difference with breathing, but it seems like the “ropes of goop” I kept coughing up disappeared. Now I am “just” coughing.  Phew!

I am not a good sick person. I get antsy and want to get up and do things that need to be done. Of course, I don’t have the energy….However,  (attribute this to possibly not getting enough oxygen to my brain because of the swelling in my throat) this afternoon, I got up and made a Banana Cream Pie.  Yes, it was necessary. I had cream in the fridge that was getting old and I really needed to use it up.  If I can’t enjoy that pie, perhaps Mark and the kids will!

This morning, when I took the Scottie boys outside, I looked in the Fuchsia plant….two days ago when I looked in on the four little ones, they were so huge, they looked like they were smothering one another! Today, all four are gone. Hurrah! Now, if  I see the Junco pair coming around, I will shoo them away. No more eggs in my plant!!!

We have been having some really wet and weird weather. I suppose our friends in Scotland would say it isn’t so bad, but we are not accustomed to rain each day. Today, as I am lying on my bed, looking out the window, the sun has been out almost all afternoon. So, why on earth am I lying on my bed, feeling blah?