Scoodles of Scotties!

Every now and then, I will pick up a magazine….this seems to particularly happen in the summertime more than any other time of the year. I guess it is because we tend to be waiting in the truck for this or that, and it is easy to just grab the magazine and read a quick article without getting deeply involved. (I have a fit when interrupted while I am reading a book!)

A few weeks ago, I bought a cooking magazine that was filled with all sorts of summery fare. On the cover was a cake, created to look like a sea of water…..little cookie people, dressed in swimsuits garnished the cake and it was just so cute! Michelle said she would like to make something like that for a party.

Well, yesterday, Michelle had this terribly insane idea to put Murphy in the pool with her to see if or how he could swim.  Poor Murphy…..Scotties are NOT designed to swim, and although his little legs propelled him in a doggy-paddle, Michelle immediately sensed his stress and pulled him up to safety in her arms. She swaddled the soggy pup in a towel and told him how wonderful he is!

Afterward, we discussed getting doggy life vests. As Michelle talked about doggy PDF’s , (personal flotation devices) I laughed and told her she should make cookies with Scotties in PDF’s. She looked at me, seriously, and asked me to make up a batch of dough.

I made the dough right away, tucking it into the fridge. After we returned from the great kayak adventure, Michelle rolled out and baked 45 Scottie dog cookies. This morning, she went to work on decorating…..


Have you ever seen such cute cookies?

Oh, and by the way, Michelle contends she can NOT cook nor bake!