Another Day at the Lake Between Storms

We had made plans to meet my parents and brother, Randy, today,  but the weather forecast ruined our plans.  It was dark and ugly this morning, with bouts of downpours. As the day progressed, however, the sky lightened up and began to look much kinder.  Mark decided we should take a ride to Canandaigua to let the kids have some fun with the kayaks. Michelle had expressed that she really wanted to try her kayak out!

As we drove along the road, it grew darker and darker….by the time we reached Canandaigua, it was grumbling and streaks of light could be seen here and there.  We took the kids to grab a bite to eat, hoping the bad weather would soon pass. While everyone was finishing, I took out my cell phone and looked at the radar maps. It looked like there was going to be some calm weather for awhile, so we headed over to the lake….

I was greeted by this cloud when I looked up. It gives new meaning to the term “Sunfish”….oh, c’mon, the cloud does look like a fish, does it not?


The kids wasted no time filling up the kayaks and rushed to get into the water. I went over a couple of basics with Michelle.  I wonder if they were necessary…she took to the kayak like a fish to water!


As soon as she left the beach area, look who came over to see me! I didn’t go out with the kids as I was feeling a little tired and miserable.


This photo should explain why I was so miserable….it was a BIT humid, after all! Yes, the water probably would have felt good,  but I was just too tired to paddle.


While the kids paddled about, I decided to do a little exploring on land. There is a terrific footpath along Kershaw Park.  It leads to this area….(with its rules!)


Even though it is a “carry in-carry out” park,  some things do not need to be carried out…(thankfully!)


That large puddle at the base of the waste receptacle indicates that there was a slight downpour earlier! Along the path, there is a long dock that goes out into the water. I decided to walk out on it to see what I might see….

A different perspective, looking westward, towards the city pier. (and yes, there is a little fountain there along the park)



Since the length of this dock was incredibly long, I was sure the water must be very deep. It is actually about 2 1/2 feet deep!

One of the reasons I went out on the dock was to get closer to the kids in their kayaks. Ben just couldn’t stay IN the kayak! Oops, we forgot to cinch him in tightly before he set out!


He did snug his jacket up a bit.  I am not so sure what he was doing, but whatever it was, the water he was splashing made for a pretty cool photo!


The Canandaigua Lady docks over behind the pretty restaurant overlooking the lake.


Yes, you read the rules….no feeding the waterfowl. But this mate aboard the Lady was definitely throwing something out to that gang o’ ducks!



I forgot to mention….as I was taking these photos, it was nearly impossible to keep the camera steady. The wind was blowing very hard! I saw a man taking his heavy plastic kayak out of the water after shoving off only a few minutes earlier.  I talked to him a little and he said the kids were doing far better than he. He said paddling was very difficult in those winds. Those winds did not stop my kids. No way!



The kids passed under two bridges and I followed them….they wound up at a lagoon park behind Wegman’s. I would have loved looking around some, but I was watching two kayaking kids and wandering about!


This park is quite “natural” and the only other soul I ran across was a young lady, jogging. Oh, and a bunny. I almost took a picture of the bunny, but it got away.

Below is a map of the compact area….



Shortly after returning home, we were graced with a torrential downpour.

The kids will sleep well tonight! I am so happy they are pleased with the little kayaks. Michelle told Mark how much fun she had and the kids are already making plans for some little “journeys”….


This is the time of the year that those of us in the northern hemisphere often find ourselves in strange places, trying to enjoy ourselves and spending large sums of money in so doing!  Yes, this is “vacation” time for those in the US, and “on holiday” for Europe.

This year, it seems like everywhere I read or turn, there are stories about the “staycation”. With the price of fuel out of control, many people are looking to their own regions or even hometowns for sources of entertainment and relaxation. What a novel idea!

When we moved down to the Bristolwood from the craziness of Rochester, I remember thinking so many times…..pinch me….I am actually living in a place where people spend tons of money to enjoy themselves!  Somehow, it just seemed as though we were doing something so remarkable….so amazing,

When the kids were tiny, Mark went out and bought a small above-ground swimming pool. He wanted the kids to learn to swim, but it seemed so incredible that right off our back deck was this swimming pool where one could immerse in cool water whenever one so desired….

A few years later, we purchased a no bells-and-whistles hot tub to place on the back deck. The kids and I have sat in that tub during blizzards outside, as well as when the sun felt so scorching, we thought we would melt! And, each time, as I stared up at the sky in utter delight, I thought to myself that it was just too much….how could we actually be living here?

We bought a small camper…it is nice, but has no slides or”frills”. We love to pack our clothes and just take off. When we go “camping”, we are generally looking for a site with a tree to shade the camper, but also a nice grassy or paved place.  And, every time we return home to the Bristolwood, we ask ourselves, what were we thinking, leaving here?  Our campsite wasn’t as nice as here in our woods!

As I thought about the radical idea of staycationing, I realized that while we have never gone on an elaborate vacation,  I really would not mind remaining right here in the Bristolwood instead of wandering off to faraway places….We are so fortunate to live in a region that is blessed in so many ways.

Although there are a few countries I would really enjoy visiting, I guess I shall be quite content to remain in our little “neck of the woods” for now. Living in the Finger Lakes region has been such a blessing.  We  can go on a “day trip” and visit just about any region in the entire state with no problem. And, although our taxes here in New York seem outrageous, our benefits are “awfully good”!

Staycationing….as I think about it, it does remind me to do one important thing….count my blessings!