Another Colorful Day!

I will begin this entry with a photo taken yesterday by Ben.  Ben and I went for a little ride late yesterday afternoon. We headed to the west and ended up off the beaten path (our beaten path) at Honeoye Lake. We found a new pizza place in a rather unexpected area, so we ordered dinner and went for a little ride while waiting. We passed a home with a rather grand entrance….


This morning, as I was looking out the bedroom window, I spotted some bright color down on the lawn. At first, I thought it was perhaps a ball or pool toy that had wandered onto the grass…..but no!


Hmmm…now that I think about it, those toadstools, mushrooms or whatever…would go well with those wizards in the first photo!

As I passed the side garden, I was happy to see that my Cone-flowers had finally opened and were in living color!


I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but as the heat and humidity increased today, Mark and I decided there was only one route of escape…..

Let me interject here….Michelle contracted a miserable cold-like virus last weekend. Well, she didn’t contract it then, but she became sick then. With each passing day, she kept telling me perhaps she would feel better “tomorrow”.  I don’t think I have ever seen her sleep so much all her life! She just would come downstairs long enough to eat, then would retreat to her room once again.  Today, she was feeling some better, so we decided to escape!

The week before last, while the kids were busy with their friends, Mark and I went shopping in Geneva at BJ’s. While there, we looked at their kayaks, but couldn’t find what we were looking for. As we finished shopping, we wandered down the seasonal aisle.

Mark nearly jumped for joy when he spotted some inflatable kayaks. I didn’t really share his joy, as I just couldn’t quite grasp the idea. Well, before we grabbed the kayaks, Mark told me that he wanted to show me something….

He had done a great deal of research on kayaks. He really didn’t want to commit to the big ones that require a roof carrier unless or until he knew that the kids would like going out. We left the store and went to the truck where he had his laptop. We got online and I couldn’t believe my eyes…..

Mark had bookmarked a great little inflatable kayak that had many, many good reviews from people who purchased it. He had considered buying one, but it was fairly costly. As he showed me the photo, it looked very similar to the little kayaks for sale in BJ’s!  At this point, we went back into the store and grabbed up four of the little boats! 

Upon inspecting one of the kayaks at home, we discovered that it was made by the same company as the one that Mark had contemplated buying….in fact, the contact in the event warranty repairs might be required was indeed the very same company! What a find. We paid less than half  the price of the other one!

So. we have been waiting and waiting to take the little inflatables out, not really wanting to do it without Michelle. Today, with the heat so overwhelming, Mark asked if I wanted to go out. I gave the thumbs up and the kids got ready. Michelle declined trying the kayak out, as she is still a bit tired from being ill.

We went to Canandaigua, where there is a nice little beach area for launching non-motorized watercraft.  We pumped out little kayak up in the grass, then carried it over to the launch area. I went out first….Mark had visions of the little kayak tipping over or turning in circles, going nowhere….

I took it out and Mark was exceedingly pleased as I paddled about with no problems. The little inflatable looked just as much at home on the lake as did the others.  When I got out after a brief spin, I asked if Ben might want to give it a go……




Ben paddled about for a good forty-five minutes or more!  It was so cool watching him working that little kayak on the water.  As we watched, he tipped it over on purpose and then flipped it back and climbed up inside. Almost as though incredulous to the discovery that such a feat was possible, we watched Ben tip it over once again! He repeated his previous actions….tipping the kayak upright and climbing in once again!

While Ben was out on his maiden voyage, Ellie, the pretty retriever, and her human came over to play. Ellie’s human commented that Ben was doing a great job and having so much fun! Ellie also had a ball…..literally!


Ellie’s human and I watched as a beach ball zipped over the water….many motor boats were anchored in the water and apparently, one of them lost their beach ball.  Ben skillfully paddled his way over to the ball, but it kept slipping away. Ben must have watched the direction of the current, as he went ahead of the ball and it came right to him. He scooped it up into the kayak and came ashore with a big grin on his face!

The kids had been invited to see a movie with several of their friends. They were going at five. Michelle wanted to know if she and Ben could go as the theater was only about five minutes from the lake.  We snatched the little kayak from the lake and deflated it, grabbed the kids a bite to eat at Taco Bell, and then dropped them off with their friends.

Mark asked what I would like to do and I told him it would be fun to take a ride to Geneva. And so we did. The next time I go, I am going to get out of the truck and take a foot tour, as there is so much to photograph there!

As we entered a restaurant, this butterfly bush greeted us. It was so pretty!


We also saw another opportunity for a day trip…


We drove back to Canandaigua and picked the kids up. We returned home at about eight and as Mark was about to pull into the driveway, I asked him to drop me off….I had one last photo to take for the day…..


This really was a colorful day! And, a full one, too!

More Canandaigua Shots

I had mentioned that I took some Canandaigua photos that I didn’t show a couple of days ago. I have this habit of resizing my photos directly on the SD card, then uploading them to my blog. Once they are uploaded, I delete my resized photos.  I do this working remotely, on a laptop….I don’t store any photos on the laptop.  If  I forget to delete the smaller photos, it drives me to distraction, trying to figure out what I did. So, all of that to explain that I wanted to remove these photos from the SD card. So, here they are!

I will begin with two photos I took the day I was wandering downtown. The first, I didn’t use as I thought the shadows were too dark and deep. In revisiting the photo, I like it better than the second one….this one depicts the “busyness” of the city better!


I really was excited about this photo, the flags being whipped about in the breeze…but didn’t know if it was appropriate as the edges of the flags look quite tattered! I do like the clouds behind the flags. Oh, and just for the record…the flags are, left to right: Ontario County, MIA/POW, American, and New York State.


The following are photos taken the next day when the humidity was beginning (who am I kidding….beginning???) to build.  The photos speak for themselves…the blur is NOT from yours truly!

The sky did appear a little foreboding, but the colors were nice……


And people were *everywhere*! This lake is so accessible, everyone wants to enjoy. Even on the hottest of days the breezes there are pretty refreshing!

There is a designated non-motorized area for launching watercraft.  Three young teen girls were having a blast, playing with a couple of kayaks. The couple to the left arrived just as we did.


To the southwest,  the folks at the yacht club were having fun with what looked like a regatta…


And just a hop…skip…and jump away from the kayaks, ducks were bobbing about like corks in the water! Not sure what “variety” these ducks are, but they were NOT mallards!


As I walked around, taking photos, I was startled by a voice over a loudspeaker…I turned around to see that the Canandaigua Lady was alerting folks that it was almost time to shove off for their evening tour of the lake. (note to self: WHY have I not done this yet?)


Mark, the kids, and the Scottie boys were awaiting me in the truck so I needed to hurry. I did catch one last photo..

Those who own boats on the lake enjoy motoring up to the head of the lake to just hang out. They drop anchor, throw the “pull toys” out, and just lounge about…sure looks like some good clean fun!


Just after taking these photos, a gully-washing, wild storm appeared! The rain poured down and everyone scurried about to get out of the rain!  The storm cell that dropped here was a very localized cell, as we got no rain at all in that bout!