The Colors of Summer

I had the strangest encounter with one of our tiny hummingbirds this afternoon.  I was sitting in the hot tub, not yet in a reclined position…Suddenly, a wee hummer flew up about 18 inches from my head. She hovered, her little eye looking straight into my face. She then advanced a bit closer. By this point, I was beginning to wonder if she was going to land on top of my head! Egads….I felt a tad uncomfortable,  when she dipped down, then made off for the feeder!


Amazing….these tiny birds!

One of the pleasing elements of summer is the colors that surround us.  It never fails to amaze me at how I will see a “new” color in the palette and must then go off to explore what it is that is so drawing me in!

Although not especially colorful, I love seeing Queen Anne’s Lace growing alongside the country roads….


I do love that intensely deep purple flower in the centers of the Queen Anne’s Lace…

How about the beautiful golds and yellows?  Whether Wild Sunflowers or Black-Eyed Susans, it matters not. The yellows and bright greens are so attractive.


Since we all know about my attraction to the most wonderful color of all….(that would be blue, of course!) how about this little Indigo Bunting that called out with a “whistle” this morning and caught my attention?


A fantastic live bouquet! (of rich color!


One of my favorite scenes along the country roads is wild chicory mixed with Queen Anne’s Lace. The texture….color….everything, calls to me and causes me to stop for a quick photo!


Yup, even with the heat blazing and sun shining, there is a secret world, waiting to be discovered. All we need do is look for it!