From the Hummer Files

After posting the hummingbird photos yesterday, I realized I had taken several photos a few days before. I had perched out on the back deck, waiting for those fast-flying little buggers to land, or at least come near the feeder….




I took this set with the Nikon with my longer glass on it and you can see the results are a bit better than the ones I took last evening out front with the Panasonic camera. 

You will notice that in  two photos, there are two hummers flying about. Hummingbirds are delightful to watch, as they are such tiny little wonders. However, unless you have lived with them, you might not know about their “covert” side. Yes, these little darlings are adorable, but also very, very territorial!  They are so territorial, one bird might innocently fly to the feeder, only to be attacked by another. The tactical maneuvers involve rapidly beating the assaulting bird’s wings against the unsuspecting bird’s body! This is accompanied by little squeaks from both birds. Most unnerving, as hummers are not supposed to be aggressive! You might remember a picture I posted here of a hummer perched on the shepherd’s hook out back that holds my big basket of petunias….I observed that bird for a few hours one day, realizing that its “perch” was no perch at all, but a vantage point to launch assaults!

Yesterday was one of those days that got away…..I completely forgot to mention that my blog began two years ago, yesterday! Happy blogday to me, happy blogday to me! Okay, I will stop before such nonsense gets stuck in your head!