Hodgepodge Day

This morning, I was up early as usual, feeding the Scotties, taking them out and cleaning up the kitchen from some of last night’s late activities. I got a little carried away and ended up going for a soak in the hot tub rather late….after 8.

Ben came outside and announced that Mark wanted to see me….right away! Egads! I had forgotten that Mark had made an appointment with Pastor Bert’s son, Derek,  regarding recording sermons.  I raced into the house, drippy and full of remorse. I looked at the clock as I raced past the kitchen….ugh…it was 8:45 and Mark’s appointment was at 9. I awakened Michelle, asking her to help Mark get out to the truck, as I hurried upstairs to throw some clothes on. Mark had asked me to go along and so I did.

As Mark worked with Derek, Pastor Bert’s wife, Jeanine, showed me around the beautiful landscaping surrounding their home.  We picked black raspberries that were so sweet and tasty! They have one of the most spectacular views of Canandaigua Lake….you can see nearly the entire length from their house and decks!

Pastor Bert is also a horticulturist, so Jeanine took me to one of the greenhouses and asked if I wanted anything inside. She said they were anxious to clean the remaining inventory out and I was blessed with a cilantro plant, two hot pepper plants, and a huge container of Italian basil!

We walked back, and Pastor Bert came home. We all began talking and by the time we were ready to leave, it was 2:00 pm! Where did the five hours go?

Mark wanted to take a little ride….I was so hungry, though. We went home and I grabbed the last of the Texas Caviar from the refrigerator to chow down for lunch. This sounds like such a strange dish, but it is delicious! It is black beans, black-eyed peas, onion, pepper, (I used a red one) jalapeno pepper, garlic, cilantro, and some Italian dressing. After I made it, we discovered the garlic I used must have been super-charged, as I wound up feeling like Puff the Magic Dragon, experiencing the most acute heartburn! Phew!

Mark then had the idea to add some corn to the mix, as he had seen corn used in a couple of the recipes….yes, I believe there are as many “Texas Caviar” recipes to be found on the internet as there are cooks in all of Texas!  This did mellow the mix and my digestive system processed the goodies without a hitch!


I had only a meager serving, not through discipline, but rather, this was one of the late night snacks previously mentioned….

We went for a ride and on the way home, I thought aloud that perhaps a Subway turkey sub might make a good “light” dinner.  I was thinking light, as the humidity got to me once again…causing my poor head to feel like a barometer, about to explode from the pressure! As we drove down the road through the valley, the humidity hung in the air so thickly, it resembled fog. Nasty stuff!

I sat on the front porch, determined to get a few good hummingbird pictures. What I ended up with is rather curious!

The Scotties joined me on the porch. Earlier, as we left the truck after our little ride, Mark very accurately described Angus as the “hunter and gatherer”.  Angus is always in “attack” mode….his keen eye always honed in, searching out “critters”.

I thought to myself, what a good boy Angus is, as he stood rigid on the porch, observing an oblivious squirrel….I snatched up the camera to snap a picture of the pretty boy. Suddenly, as though  on cue, as soon as my finger was about to press the shutter button, the fellow went crackers…..backing up, running briskly down the porch, making a horrific barking that would raise the dead…


Yes, here is Angus the squirrel-chasing apparition!!!


Of course, Murphy, who trusts “she-who-always-provides” (that would be me!) has no need to think of such animalistic behavior. His bowl runneth over….why bother with those rodents, after all?



So, having two rambunctious Scots frolicking about probably doesn’t fit into the “good photography” equation. But, they were there with me, and I could work around them!

If you expand the first two of these Hummingbird photos, you will see some odd pictures! The first looks as though someone drew in the upper body of the hummer as it was leaving its perch….


And the second is a humorous “freefall” photo. I LOVE the wings, which are visible in a larger photo….



I have come to the conclusion that not every day can be a “Kodak Day” with perfect photos of perfect subjects. But, I do rather like this final submission…the golden rays of a setting sun streaking through the woods and playing with light and color on the trees in the front of the house!