Viewing Canandaigua Lake…from Both Ends!

Okay. I confess.

I did, indeed, wander down to Woodville to see if I might observe the eagles I was told were nesting there.  I was only there for about half an hour, and no, I saw no eagles.  But, I did find some cool subjects to photograph! (absolutely amazing how the flora has changed since last Thursday, when I visited this area!)










From Woodville, situated at the south end of the lake, to Kershaw Park, located at the north end,  I suddenly had one of those wild revelations that makes one’s head spin….

As I stood at the edge of the lake, water gently lapping my toes, I wondered why we had never taken the time to enjoy this wonderful resource located at out door before? My heart seemed to be beating in time with the placid water as it quietly edged its way towards me.  I inhaled, deeply, wanting to capture and save every lovely moment spent at this boat launch…..

Unable to tarry, as my list of errands called out to me, I was seemingly transported to the head of the lake.  Kershaw Park, filled with busy people….kids playing,  people walking their dogs,  people enjoying a brownbag meal at the picnic tables, and just people walking, captured another mood….this one of the hustle and bustle of the world. Two worlds joined together by a common lake. Two worlds so similar, and yet, so incredibly different!

Sorry for (more!) photos of Canada Geese, but this group, comprised of three different families, drew me in like a magnet! Undaunted by proximity to the human race, these birds barely lifted their heads as folks passed by….even joggers, jolting their joints, caused no disturbance of this obvious urban group!






See that goose on the right at the top of the photo? Expand that picture, and you will see that the goose with her head down is chasing the goose to her left! She was snaking her head back and forth like a pendulum, and hissing like crazy. I didn’t see a blatant offense committed, but then again, I am not a goose!


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  1. Well, I shall be the first to comment here…rather humorous, no?

    One thing unsaid as I posted this last night was the “aura” standing at the south end of the lake was just overewhelming….Photos ares so fabulous for capturing scenes, but the idyllic nature of standing at the water’s edge just cannot be explained in photos, nor words….a bullfrog croaked just a short distance away. Swallows dove downward, gulls called out in their “laughing way”….and the birds created a most “surreal” (well, FAR different from anything I am used to in my “neck of the woods”) feel as they played in the reeds and foliage surrounding them. Even the songs they sang sounded foreign from those in the Bristolwood! Every now and then, a fish would surface the water….As I was photographing, Michelle called out to me to make sure I captured the ducks….I missed it, as they had walked up the concrete boat launch and were splashing and flapping their wings on the shore. To say that the brief time I spent at the waterfront ws amazing would be so grossly understated….

  2. Great pics! I especially like the bee in flight; great capture. Agreeing with Bill, the boat picture is definitely reminiscent of another time. It almost seems out of place in the modern day. It reminds me of the very large ferry boat that I traveled across the Mississippi on when I was in New Orleans a few years ago.

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