And Then the Rains Came…

After the totally miserable day I had yesterday, I was anxious to end it! I went to bed shortly after 10. I lie, reclined on my bed, trying to sleep….to no avail. It was well after 11:30 before sleep finally came, AND, I was up at 5 am!

I fed the Scotties, took them outside, and then cleaned up the kitchen, awaiting a “respectable” hour to begin mowing the lawn.  I figured 7 was respectable enough, so I hauled the mower out and was off and running! Even though I thought it was cool outside, by the time I was done, I felt dizzy and light-headed.

The weather was calling for rain today, with some heavy thunderstorms possible. “They” (the thunderstorms) never happened, but I was pleased to have the grass cut and finished by 8:15.

Shortly after my sprint, sprinkles of rain began falling! It rained a slow and steady rain for only a few minutes, then the sun broke through a bit. It rained once or twice more, leaving the flowers and grass wet, but hardly “watered”. The end result, however, was deliciously cooler air. Clean air. Air that wasn’t filled with humidity that causes heads and bones to ache!





I got caught in one of the heavenly “spritzes” and it felt so refreshing! After all of the heat and humidity, (our weatherman refers to them as the “evil summer twins”) we knew this was coming….ah, **almost** ready for the next round!