No Eensy Weensy Spider….

Today was yet another fantastically busy day. The kids had made plans to meet with several friends in Canandaigua.  They went to the beach to swim, then walked to the theatre to take in a movie, then walked to Taco Bell for dinner!

Mark and I dropped the kids off at the beach, along with one of their friends, where they met the others. Then, Mark and I were on our own for the next several hours.

The heat and humidity today nearly sent me over the edge.  I am not sure what the high temperature was,  but I can tell you with confidence, I was *not* the only miserable person! Everyone was complaining about the heat….it felt nearly inescapable! Mark and I did spend quite a bit of time shopping inside air-conditioned stores, which helped!

Here is a photo of my beautiful Fuchsia plant that the Juncos are fertilizing for me daily…


Enough of the light topics! Now, on to the GROSS!

Warning! If you are grossed out by pictures of spiders, you might want to not read on…

This morning, while getting things ready, Michelle and I discovered the biggest, ugliest spider sitting on the sidewalk behind the camper. Michelle ran into the house to grab a quarter to compare the size of this large spider…..


Michelle got very brave. Not me….I stood WAY back! She picked up a stick and made the spider move a little. As big as that thing was, it boogied with great speed!!! Then my little Princess (I NEVER would have imagined her doing this) bent over to look more closely at this huge wonder….

She suddenly squealed…..loudly! Then, she told me that the spider had LITTLE SPIDERS all over it. I think I nearly keeled over at the thoguht. She wanted to take pictures, so I sent her into the house to get my old Olympus camera that has super macro capabilities.

I tried to explain how to use the camera, and Michelle did a pretty good job. The depth of field becomes very shallow when using macro mode, so she had some trouble focussing, as the sun hitting the LCD screen really made it tough. She did kneel right down and got within the tiniest distance from the bugger!

And, there you have it!



I feel like I must apologize…profusely! Ugly moths…..complaining about the miserable weather…..then THIS! YUCK!!!!!!! Wonder why summer does NOT appeal to me?

I just took a nice cold bath and I am lying in front of a fan. It feels tremendous. The weatherman is promising some cooler weather headed our way and I am holding him to it!I forgot to add that along with this weather comes terrible headaches for me and that really is the icing on the cake!

(Disgusting) Collection


I wasn’t going to use any words regarding this entry, as it kind of speaks for itself. However,  this is a good time to remind canine-loving friends to keep their companions away from these guys. Some moths are poisonous to dogs and can actually kill them. Dogs love playing “catch” with anything that moves or flies, so please beware! (I took this photo after taking my “boys” out earlier….I had spotted the “collection” on the garage, and walked the Scotties away…..far away…..from this area!)

On a happier note, I observed the Juncos (yes, the dumb pair that have nested in my Fuchsia) hopping about, partaking of moths from the sidewalk.  And no, being totally grossed out, I didn’t linger to watch. I immediately scurried into the house, goosebumps the size of GOLFBALLS on my arms!!!