Terrific Sunday Drive

We made plans last night to meet my parents at our favorite restaurant today. We didn’t get together for July 4th, so we decided to enjoy a meal together today. We met at Sprague’s in Portville, and once again the food was delicious!

There is always a cage in the hallway at Sprague’s with a couple of canaries in it. Today, as my mother and I were leaving the restaurant, we saw two canaries in another cage in the back….


The restaurant is set in a parklike area, so we sat down in the grass with little Fritz for awhile. We had left our Scottie boys home today, thinking they might rather enjoy a quiet afternoon!


Not much gets past Fritz. He walked over to the tree and looked up….what did he see?



As we were chatting away, Fritz decided he could not resist peeking into the “Blingy Biker Babe Bag”…


I went over to look at the displays of Bobwhite Quails.  I got down on my knees, hoping to see the birds a bit better. If you expand the photo below, you will see what I saw, hidden behind the fresh pine boughs inside the cage!


 Here is the side of the restaurant. See the sky? It was a beauty of a day…but a bit too warm!


As much as I love my Scotties, the owners of the restaurant love their Golden Retrievers. Note the weathervane atop the cupola.


We strolled over to the pond where two Swans live…


And discovered such a fine seating arrangement to observe the Swans….comes complete with one frog planter filled with grass and two Adirondack chairs! 


The Swans do have an exquisite abode….(shot through chainlink fencing)


Ah, what lucky swans to dwell in such perfect surroundings!


Sprague’s is located outside the little town (village?)  of Portville. As we drove down one street, Ben made a comment on the size of the homes located there. The houses were very old, and very large!

This house is just one of the most appealing gingerbread homes I have ever seen. Oh, if only this house could speak!


Mark told me he wanted to show me a beautiful “park”. He wasn’t kidding! This is the entrance and it is so grand and impressive!


I am still pinching myself. I never could, in my wildest imaginings, feature Mark bringing me to a cemetery for the scenery. But look!


This memorial to soldiers and sailors from Portville serving during the Civil War is stunning. It greets visitors right near the front gate.


Here is a closeup of the writing….


This cemetery appears to be rather old and is located on a very steep grade. It is hard to tell unless you look at the grave markers in the rear….


This stone is so weathered, it is impossible to read…


I would really enjoy spending some time poking around the cemetery. Mark showed me another Portville “picture-perfect” park!


Another spot to explore. Mark wanted to type in some info on the GPS, so he pulled onto a side road. Look at this photo…..


And zooming back out again, you can see the scenery that beckons wayfarers to the region to slow down and just relax and drink in the beauty surrounding them!


Of course, it was good returning back to the Bristolwood,  and being greeted by two sweet little Scottie boys who kept nice and cool on the tile floor in the kitchen.

Just another fine day spent wandering and enjoying family…..