Ever Wonder….

why it is……

when someone does something *stupid!*….

they are referred to as a “bird-brain”?


Yes, in the few short days we were away, a Junco laid a clutch of eggs in my FUCHSIA!!!!! It seems every year, these birds insist on *trying* to make nests in my plants. I have to actively shoo them away so they won’t nest in the hanging pots. This Fuchsia has finally gotten tons of blooms on it and I really need to contact someone who knows how to handle this.

When I had birds before, I know the birds needed to have water nearby to keep the eggs moistened in the nest. However, I certainly don’t want to drown any chicks once they hatch out.  What a stupid dilemma. Guess I should have placed a netting over the plant while we were away….

Buggy Bristolwood!

I imagine that if I had the fortitude, I could probably capture some really cool bugs….but I just don’t have the time. Most of the photos you see taken here at home are “things” that come to me! I just seem to be so bankrupt when it comes to spare time.  Oh, how I wish….

Okay, you needn’t pinch me…. I am here!  No time for daydreaming!

A couple of days ago, I noticed a dragonfly sitting on the stone steps out back. I grabbed the camera and Michelle taunted that it is impossible to get a picture of a dragonfly. She assured me they are too flighty.


This is the third type of dragonfly I’ve seen out behind the house this year.  I guess perhaps I had never really paid attention before and didn’t realize so many different types live here! I photographed this fellow’s opposite a few days ago…..a black body with blue spots on its wings. This one had a pale, almost baby blue, body.

Here it is again….playing “hide and seek” amongst the gravel behind the garage.


Early this afternoon, I wandered down to the mailbox to grab the mail. As I walked along the driveway, I was suddenly accompanied by three beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies. I watched as the trio swooped about, almost as though playing with one another.

I watched them with interest, but figured by the time I was able to fetch my camera, they would be long gone. I walked down with the Nikon at hand quite some time later, and was totally surprised to find two of the butterflies still lingering about!

I didn’t think either would hold still long enough to capture a photo, but to my surprise, one of the butterflies sat in the shadows of the trees, allowing me several minutes to shoot!


Two years ago, we had a Swallowtail hanging around in the back of the house for a long time. I took many photos of that butterfly, and its wings were so tattered and torn! What astonished me about the three butterflies I observed today was that their wings were perfect.  I was told that butterflies loose some of their wings in fights, as they are quite territorial.  My assumption, then, is that the three I spotted out front have recently emerged into this world….they are so perfect!