Inside the Bunker at Fort Niagara

Carly asked if we went down inside the bunker at Old Fort Niagara. And the answer is, oh yes! Please note that these photos are not the greatest, but they give you a feel for just how it was inside….that is, damp and dark!

There were two flights of stairs going down….


If there was an opening large enough to allow a cannon ball or human to enter, there was a cannon poised and ready to fire at that opening! I am assuming the door located on the left was where cannon balls were stored.


Although these bunkers were technically not underground….they were built in mounds that were built up above the ground…..they certainly resembled an underground structure. At first, the bunker felt so good, as though it was air-conditioned.  That was a great relief from the high humidity outside. However, as I looked at the floor, it became obvious that if one was to spend a great deal of time in this bunker, they might be subject to illnesses or diseases that inhabit cool, damp places. There were spots on the floor that actually had slick places where moisture had built up from the ground!

These windows resembled “slits”, allowing fresh air to enter, but no cannon balls…..or, humans!


The floor throughout the bunker looked as though it was made of the same type of clay bricks are formed from. It was so nice, although there were slight discrepancies in elevation, causing one to tread with some care!


I have a tendency to feel claustrophobic in tight spaces so I was a little reluctant to enter this one. However, the bunker was really not a tight space at all. It had sufficient fresh air and light to make the experience quite interesting! If I had any comments to make, regarding making the fort more tour-friendly, it would be to add storyboards throughout areas to make the areas come “to life”!

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