Fort Niagara’s Scottish Connection

Since I do have a few Scottish readers, I thought I would share a little tidbit I found…..

In 1813, the British defeated American forces at Fort Niagara. As was tradition, the American flag was captured and presented to the Prince Regent (George IV). He later returned the flag to one Sir Gordon Drummond, who had commanded the troops in charge of the capture. The flag was found at Drummond’s ancestral home in Scotland, where it remained until purchased in 1994 by the Old Fort Niagara Association.


This photo is horrible, but there are several reasons for that. One of them is that the lighting in the flag case is very dim, as light causes irreparable damage to fabric. That should have been enough of a challenge, but those high windows in the building cause another challenge.  So, please accept my apologies!

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  1. I’m not sure I count as one of your Scottish readers (I’m actually English!) – but this was a very interesting history!

    I liked the castle too!

  2. Jackie, thank you! I think that French fortress is certainly built to “Castle” standards!

    Bill, it seems rather funny to think that any European country would have dominion over a nation the size of the US. Of course, it also seems funny that the US has remained one country!!! It is so BIG….and diverse!!!!

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