Old Fort Niagara

Old Fort Niagara isn’t too distant from Niagara Falls and certainly connects with some of the United States’ earliest history. There is now a great park located at the fort and the area is buzzing with all varieties of activity…..


The map below shows exactly why the French, then British, were very interested in obtaining control over this particular area. The fort overlooks both Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes) and the Niagara River.


The yellow rectangles located on the above map signify the 18 soccer fields located at the park. There are also significant picnicking areas located at the park, as well as the fort itself!


The photo below is of Le Chateau Francais….”the French Castle”. Needless to say, the structure was built by the French. It was then overtaken by the British.  I will post an entry regarding the “castle” on its own.  The following are scenes around the fort….









This young man was the most animated, entertaining fellow who seems to greatly enjoy his work.  Dressed as a British redcoat, he spewed forth all sorts of information, including that the wool from which his uniform was fashioned weighed in at about 13 pounds. That is an overwhelming fact considering the amount of humidity we were experiencing  in June! I cannot imagine how warm that outfit would become in August heat! Or, for that matter, how cold it would be when the January winds howl off Lake Ontario!


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  1. You guys take the neatest roadtrips! I really enjoy checking out all of your photos…and to think we live only 20 minutes from each other!

  2. Did you go inside the bunker shown in your eighth picture? That is where my “headless” pigeon picture was taken. On a clear day you can see bits of the Toronto skyline from the top of the wall in your ninth picture. Great shots. Did the French guy shoot his musket while you were there?

  3. Thank you, Jeanne! I had previously stated on my blog…not exactly sure where it is….that I had wanted to be a Photojournalist, but my guidance counselor (UGH!!!) misguided me. She told me that photographers were too abundant. So, my blog is my humble and sometimes feeble attempt to satisfy that writer/photographer that (STILL!0 abides inside me! When things slow down some, we really need to meet! It is so cool to have a bloggin’ buddy!

    Carly….you weren’t paying attention!!! Our friend at the fort was ENGLISH, not French! And, yes….he mis-fired three times and finally on the fourth, the muskat fired! Don’t think I would want him in MY troops! hehehe

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