Spectacular Scenery

I have about a zillion photos to weed through, from our wonderful little outing, although many of them involve hockey and I don’t imagine those would thrill too many of my readers!

This morning, we packed up, hitched up the little home on wheels and left our campground, which was home the past few days.

Mark discovered last night, that Fort Niagara was located only a short distance from where we had been camping, so we ventured on to have a looksee.  We drove along Lake Ontario, and some of the homes were palacial mansions.  One of the homes we passed looked like a huge almost “office building”, crossed with a Frank Lloyd Wright hybrid. It had enormous gates in front, keeping out the riff-raff! (no photos, as I feel “funny” doing such things!)

Across the road from this most astonishing home was a most astonishing barn which reflected much the same type of architecture. I never saw anything like it. But, there was a sign declaring “Visitors by Appointment Only” which led me to believe that perhaps their horses were just as special as the barn which houses them! (I know, SHOULD have photographed the barn!)

So, I will offer these two photos I took this morning, as I am getting cross-eyed looking at other photos!


Anyone have any idea what breed these horses are?


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  1. Carly, you might be correct…these horses look like they have a little bit of feathering and the site shows some that look that way as well. They sure are pretty, aren’t they?

  2. I don’t have a problem photographing anything or anywhere that is open to the public view (with the exception of some taken with ‘intrusive’ lenses).

  3. Carly WAS right! She even found a link to the stables we saw!


    There is info there about the wee new bairns we saw there at the barn!
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see the unique glass and concrete barn as well!

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