Okay, So One More Photo…

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, Mark and I were enjoying watching the Buffalo Sabres Hockey training camp. This was so much fun, as we got to see many prospects for the team…young men with such hope in their eyes.

The Sabres head coach, Lindy Ruff, was there working with these guys and it was a treat to see him as well.  One of the things I have noticed about Lindy is that during games, it is pretty hard to see him ever “crack a smile”. He really does wear his “game face” which turns into a smile when the team wins and congratulations are spoken!

As I was photographing the drills the guys were working on, I also caught a few photos of Lindy as well. I was quite pleased by one, however, as he is smiling!


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  1. Nice photo of Lindy. It looks as if he was posing, just for you!
    Can’t wait for hockey season to begin. Glad the Red Wings won the Cup, but wouldn’t it be nice if the “home team” could win the next one. Go, Sabres!

  2. I have to admit I’ve never been much of a fan of ice-hockey; rather like cricket (which I like) to many other people I suspect. But the fans I’ve met are an enthusiastic (if slightly mad) bunch.

  3. Madeline, I read later that Crash Kaleta, errr…..Patrick….put the puck in the net and as he passed by Lindy, he wanted to know if he should begin counting his goals for the season. It said that Lindy smiled at Patrick’s comment. Now, I am wondering if that is the moment I caught, as Lindy is so “economical” with his smiles in public!!! I love Patrick Kaleta…that guy can check a player so cleanly and get them so ANGRY….What a terrific penalty-drawing player he is! AND, he can also put the puck into the net as well! I really am counting down the days until the season starts.

    Bill….mad? hehehe!!! Just a crazed bunch of Ukrainian hot chicken wing eating fans here!!! Living in such close proximity to Canada, I guess it is just natural to love hockey here in the US of A!!!!

    Thanks, Jeanne! I just wish we were able to make the games….Of course, Mark purchased that big old 51″ TV so we could watch hockey “more comfortably”……(easier to see the puck!)

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