Prayers of Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, the kids and I went to a graduation party for one of their friends who just graduated from school.  It was a lovely party….the family hosting the party had obviously put a great deal of energy into getting everything ready.  The father has planted a great deal of various vegetation in the gardens and they are just picture-perfect.

As I was enjoying speaking to some others, my cell phone rang and my mother was on the line.  She called to tell me that the pacemaker/defibrillator that my father had implanted last year had given him a problem….he had received information a few months ago that the unit could have problems.

Yesterday morning, my father said he received four good “jolts” as the defibrillator went off!  My parents drove to the hospital and he was examined in the emergency room.  He was sent up to telemetry where the nurses kept a close eye on his moniters. (the defibrillator was turned off!)  It was discovered that the leads (wiring) in the unit were arcing, causing the defibrillator to go off!  The doctor that examined my father said that it was bad news, as the surgeon would have to rewire the unit. This, my parents were told, is a very serious surgery. My heart sank….

My mother arose early today and drove almost an hour to the hospital, unaware as to what would happen next. In the meantime, the cardiologist had ordered “pictures” of my father’s heart. (My father assumed this would show the problem with the faulty wires)  The cardiologist came into my father’s room and announced some fantastic news! He told my father that the “pictures” showed that his heart is stronger and healthier now than it was last year when the unit was installed! 

The entire strategy was then reformulated….the defibrillator on the unit would be programmed to no longer function, as it is not needed, and the pacemaker would continue to work. My father was so relieved, as he was released from the hospital as soon as the unit was reprogrammed. Thank you, Lord!

Since discovering that some units were defective and malfunctioning, the doctors had my father set up a modem that sends vital stats to a place where they are monitered. Every time he walks within ten feet of the modem, the stats are sent and recorded.

So, now that a rather precarious situation has been resolved (very satisfactorily), here is an offering of several photos I took today…(hope you enjoy!)
















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  1. What good news about your father, and what a relief it must be to all of you!
    Your latest photos are, as always, beautiful. My best wishes to you.

  2. That’s great news about the defib. That must have been really scary for you all. I’m so glad it all worked out though – goodness knows what those jolts must have been like!

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