Grandma Cookie’s Birthday…

Or, Angus’s BIG day!

Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s birthday. But, we never call her just plain “Grandma”, you see…


My mother-in-law is a Dog Lover, extraordinaire….

So, as far as our Scotties can tell, she is Grandma Cookie, the “one who spoils us and loves us and gives us many, many cookies!” (doggie treats)

Angus had no idea it was a special day…..

And, this is how I found Angus when I came downstairs yesterday morning…..


As I worked around the living room, putting things away, every now and then, Angus would awaken momentarily….


But he spent about 2 1/2 hours in the basket, sleeping! (I forfeited actually laundering the clothes, as I just didn’t have the heart to steal the lad’s comfy bedding!)


And, a little later in the morning, we asked Angus if he wanted to “go for a ride in the car?” He jumped and danced about, ever ready for a ride!

When we pulled into Grandma Cookie’s driveway, Angus was nearly jumping out of his SKIN!

We all wished Grandma a Happy Birthday, then got out. We brought Grandma some presents, and some pretty flowers…..


 For Grandma’s birthday, the kids and I worked around her yard. We weeded, then spread some mulch on some of her garden beds. The kids pulled down a bunch of wild attacking grapevines that were making their way from the woods behind her house. Then we all cleaned up….

And Grandma ordered a couple of pizzas for dinner!

Angus and Murphy were waiting in the truck. It was a cool day and it was perfect to leave them in the comfort of the plush seats to curl up and sleep. But, when we went around the back of the house, where Angus could no longer see us, he began to “sing”!

Not wanting to annoy Grandma’s neighbors, I went up and got both Scotties. They were so excited and so happy. Until Angus spotted…..


THE OWL!!!!  All I could figure is that the eyes on this thing are so large (and scary), Angus must have thought it was real! (My mother-in-law bought this lovely owl to keep the robins from building nests in her electric awning mechanism! And, it has worked for three years to keep them away!)

As soon as Grandma Cookie sat down, Angus jumped up and took what he considers his “rightful place”!


I tell you the truth….you could almost see Angus smile as he sat upon Grandma Cookie’s lap!


And, as he looked down upon his “no account” tiny brother, Murphy!


After the pizza and cake and a very nice time sitting on Grandma Cookie’s patio, it was time to get back in the truck and head home! Angus took his seat in between Mark and me. Then, Grandma had Mark open the door to say good-bye……


And Angus hopped off his seat and ran over to Grandma Cookie!

See this face?


Angus is plainly telling us to take Murphy, and LEAVE! HE will stay with Grandma Cookie!


As you can see, Grandma Cookie was enjoying this nearly as much as Angus! She really loves the little boy!

We did get Angus to finally come with us, with a promise that next week, we will visit once again!!!