Okay, let’s admit it. We adults don’t always practice what we preach.  Oh, c’mon….if you are 100% honest, you just know that you “sometimes” hope the kids won’t catch you doing something “wrong”! Take for instance…..


Yup, last night, when I was supposed to be getting ready for bed, I stretched out on the bed and played several games of Bubble Breaker in the dark! It was just sooo addictive!(and, it was “only” 10:33….not quite bedtime!)

This morning, I realized that I hadn’t really pressed the Panasonic camera as far as taking photos of bugs, hummingbirds, and things like that. So, instead of being a good example and working before playing,  I wandered outside to take some photos! Hey, I AM an adult after all, right?


Michelle giggled as I resized the photo above and saved it as “bumm, bumm, bumblebee bum”!  I couldn’t believe how deeply that little bumblebee was working, gathering pollen, and nearly disappearing!

And, speaking of “bums”….


I am totally embarrassed to show a photo of my kitchen as it is a MESS! We had planned to remodel it last summer, but the plans fell through. I guess Mark thinks I am not quite capable of doing the work myself, even though I am quite confident I could do the work.

Having said that, here is what I should have been doing…namely, washing those dishes sitting in the sink….you cannot see all the ones sitting on the counter!


Yes, but……(said in my most “whiny” voice)

How can I do dishes when *that* window is just above the kitchen sink? You know, the window with the hummingbird feeder hanging nearby?


That happens to be a male hummingbird, by the way!

So, how can I possibly reprimand my kids when they are enjoying their diversions?