How Do We Top Yesterday?

This evening, I called my mother and talked with her for awhile. As we chatted, we agreed that yesterday was such a wonderful Father’s Day. We had such a great time, and we were all able to just relax and enjoy one anothers’ company. I think we realized just how hard that is to do sometimes, sitting in a restaurant! And, ever since I was just a little girl, I remember being told that food always tastes better when it is eaten outside!

As we headed east after our outing last evening, we, the kids, and even the Scotties felt so relaxed. Mark saw a sign that pointed out a scenic overlook along the road, and although we must have passed it many, many times,  he pulled off so I could take a picture!


This is along the “Southern Tier” of New York, and I love driving this road, as there are rolling hills from the eastern section clear across to the western section.  When I was staying in New York City several years ago, I used to look forward to driving “home” to visit my parents, as I never wearied of the beauty surrounding this highway!

As we exited off the highway, this is the last big traffic light we encountered. The rest of the way home, we passed through tiny communities with only stop signs or flashing single lights.


Iwanted to take so many photos through the window, as we were passing such gorgeous scenery! The sky was spectacular with the most amazing clouds!  The problem is that our wonderful journey left its “mark” on our windshield….there were bug “remains” all over the entire window!

I have come to really enjoy taking photos out my window….the truck has those big side mirrors that take in a considerable amount of scenery behind us. I could have kicked myself for not having the camera ready as we passed a car pulled over with an officer writing a speeding ticket.  That would have been so cool in that mirror! Ah well….


This farm, located south of Naples, is in such a beautiful setting.  Even though the hills are fairly steep, it seems we always see the cattle standing on them!


The photo above shows the contrast between the pastoral setting of the farm and the towers up on the hills, set up and awaiting the “blades” to become modern “towers of power”….


We were getting closer and closer to our home, and the closer we came, the darker the skies became. Foreboding skies telling of the storms to come!


We were awakened sometime during the night by the most tremendous storm! The lightening was making the Bristolwood appear day-like and the thunder sounded as though it was booming right next to the house! Murphy startled at one point, nudging me as though he was frightened!

Today was just a day of unwinding. I had several orders to pack and that took some time.  It was another beautiful day, weatherwise.  I worked on the hot tub, filling it with a fresh supply of water.  Although we were under a threat of severe thunderstorms today, they never showed up, and we enjoyed perfect temperatures and bright blues skies.

If this was the way the entire summer panned out, I might just be a convert!