The Incredible Father’s Day Picnic

Today was Father’s Day here in the good ole’ US of A and we had made plans to get together with my parents and brother, Randy.  We usually go to a restaurant and enjoy a great meal together, but today, I had asked my parents if they might like to have a picnic instead.

Since we don’t like leaving the Scots at home alone when we travel away for several hours, we tried to think of a place where the dogs could come with us and not be a bother. My parents also bring Fritz with them when they are gone for long periods of time, so I came up with a totally unique idea for a different Father’s Day celebration!

When we have visited my parents in the past, I always took notice of a very beautiful rest area along the highway. This particular area has lots of trees (for shade) and very nice picnic tables, along with restrooms.  We stopped once just in amazement that the state had made such an oasis for  weary travelers! As we tried to think of a good place to meet, this rest area became my number one candidate!

We met at  1 this afternoon, and at first, my father was concerned that perhaps using a grill might not be allowed at the area. There was a man mowing the grass, so Mark directed me over to inquire whether grilling would be allowed or not…What I encountered was so totally unexpected, it really surprised me!

The man stopped the mower to speak with me….he said we could use the grill and make ourselves comfortable. 

I had packed two crates for the Scotties, as I figured they might like sitting in them on the tailgate where they could see us.  Since it wasn’t real hot when we arrived, we left the Scotties in the truck and we put Fritz in one of the crates and lifted him onto the tailgate.  He was perfect as I grilled hotdogs….he curled up on a little blanket and watched us! We had such a nice little feast….hotdogs (big 1/4 pound Kosher ones!) macaroni salad,  and chips. For dessert, there was cheesecake (with strawberry topping) and a banana cake I had made from scratch. (had to use up those bananas before they got any blacker!)

The caretaker who was such a nice man, came over and talked to us for several minutes. He was quite taken by little Fritz…as he left, he told us to have a “good time!”  We did have a good time indeed! The only problem is that I completely forgot to take photos!!! Can you believe it?

As we drove past the rest area, I tried to photograph it. You can get the idea…it really is more like a park than a rest area!


We ended up staying at this little place until 4 o’clock! The weather was extraordinary and we could not have planned a more beautiful day! The temperature maintained a very comfortable level and the trees shaded us from any sun that might have tried to peek through!

Here are a couple of photos of clouds that graced us today….



I still cannot believe that I didn’t get photos of the day….but then again, perhaps it is futile to try to capture the perfect day with a camera….