Home Again, Home Again!

Well, I was going to write about “today” (Friday), but as I was loading photos, the clock struck midnight, indicating that today is now Saturday!

So, yesterday, we took the kids and two of their friends to Darien Lake Theme Park for the day. This past week was “Homeschool Week”, in which homeschoolers are encouraged to come for a day or two. (or, a week!)

Before the friends arrived at our house, I watched as a tiny little male Hummingbird kept landing on my (terribly in need of a painting!) shepherd’s hook that I hung the Petunias on. He would sit there and preen himself and just look as though he was rather enjoying himself!


These pictures were taken through the French doors, and they are terrible. Every time I tried to catch a male at the feeder, he would fly away. The females really are much tamer and more sociable!

For my readers not familiar with exactly how tiny a hummingbird really is, here is a photo that might give one an idea of their size in comparison with the big world! (the male is sitting at the top of the shepherd’s hook!)


The kids arrived at the house and I fed everyone tacos before we left. We were on our way about 12:30. By the time we arrived at Darien Lake, the temperature had soared to about 88 degrees. We had some brief thunderstorms pass before we left and instead of cooling things off, the air seemed to grow thicker with intolerable (to me) humidity. To my surprise, Mark dropped the kids off and asked what I would like to do! Aha! The heat was getting to him as well!

We took a quick drive to Buffalo. Buffalo seems to be famous for two specific foods. The first is Beef on Weck, and the other is Buffalo Chicken Wings! Mark had read that Duff’s had been voted as the best wing establishment in all of Buffalo….so, he thought we should check it out!

Mark loves lots of fiery sauce coating his wings. He usually orders them “wet”. This time, he just ordered 10 wings….5 “medium”, and 5 “hot”. I picked them up when they were ready, and I was surprised at the warning label stapled on the bag! (so was Mark!)


The wings were very good. And, they came with some baby carrots, celery, and bleu cheese dressing.


We drove back and took the kids for dinner. Afterwards, they went back to the park until about 9:15.  While we were at dinner, there were majorly powerful thunderstorms passing through the area. We went in the restaurant and as we were sitting there, the power went out for a few seconds. Hmmm….I am beginning to wonder….seems like that happens a lot to us lately!!!

We got home at about 11. A very long, hot! day….at one point, the thermometer in the truck read 95 degrees!  Getting home feels soooooo goood!