Mrs. Hummer

I haven’t been this excited  in ages….

This morning, I took the screen down in the kitchen window (it actually fits inside the casement window….so it is removed from inside the house) and washed it. It had a lot of dust and the “fluff” from dandelions and cottonwood trees on it.  And, while I was at it, I washed the window so sparkling clean, one would hardly know there was glass in it!

After finishing the window, I grabbed a really fancy stool we bought Ben for Christmas and placed it near the counter in the kitchen. I then fixed myself as quietly and non-conspicuously as possible upon the stool…..





I have never been so pleased with any hummingbird photos I have taken! I can’t believe these came out so crystal-clear, through the window!

As I waited for a male to venture on by, I realized that the females are far less timid than the males.  The males could see me in the house and would light on the other side of the feeder.  I certainly will continue to try to capture a male, as they are stunning with their beautiful bright red “collar” which dictates the name of this species…Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds.