A Fine Day, Indeed!

This morning as I bounded out of bed, I felt something I haven’t felt in days! It was chilly!  I cooked the Scottie boys some chicken and rice (yeah, nothing like cooking up a storm before 6 in the morning, eh?) and took them outside. I watered all the outdoor plants, then did some household tasks that seemed so much easier with the cooler temperatures!

The day began to heat up quite a bit as soon as the sun peeked up over the hill above us.  Around noon, the kids took a break from schoolwork to take a dip in the pool. They were having fun, when they suddenly began yelling, very excitedly! My heart jumped a bit, as both of the kids were yelling….

As I raced to the door, they called out to grab my camera. Thankfully, the Nikon was all charged and ready to go! I picked it up and went to the back deck. The kids called out that there was a Swallowtail Butterfly in the Petunias.





 If nothing else, my kids know their mom very well. Ever since our trip to the Butterfly Conservatory on May 31st, I have been on the lookout for butterflies here around our home. I think this is probably the same Swallowtail I see all the time, but it dips and dives so neurotically about, I never seem able to capture the thing! It was a task getting these photos, as every time I came to focus, it would see me and flutter away…..

Mark and the kids left this afternoon to go do a bit of shopping in the city.  I was going to go along, but my stomach was a little topsy-turvy, and hey, it really doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of alone time, anyway!

I decided to take some refuge in the camper, as I really enjoy spending time there. I took my camera, my purse, (which always has cables and a card reader in it!!!!) along with Mark’s Dell computer, oh, and Murphy! with me. (Angus went shopping, don’t you know?) I set up my little office on the table in the camper when I realized that Mark was missing my photo editor on the Dell.

Well, since I couldn’t resize and upload my photos as planned, I decided to lie down on the couch and take a little nap. Of course, the phone rang and Mark asked for a shopping list from me. Harrumph! Easily distracted, after the phone conversation ended,  I just had to snap a photo of the shadow the mini-blinds were casting on the little decorative curtains in the camper. Cool, huh?


Then, Murphy the Magnificent decided we should go out and take a little walk around the yard to look at squirrels! As we wandered around a bit, my eye spotted something bright red amongst the weeds behind the house. Could it be?


Yes! Delicious tiny wild strawberries! As I picked a few, my mind went back to when I lived in the country several years ago and a friend and I spent several hot and sweaty hours, picking enough of these tiny little berries to make exactly one small batch of Strawberry Jam! It certainly was a labor….but even now, I remember the sweet taste being unlike the huge strawberries cultivated in the fields.  A very sweet memory!

Murph and I went back out to the camper to gather up all of my little “office” components. As I sat at the table, folding cables and putting things away, Murphy the Magnificent jumped up on the couch beside me. Murphy really is on the very “slight” side for a Scottie. They are typically stout, almost to the point of seeming “chubby”. Not Murph….he is skinny and wiry and full of the dickens!!!


Yeah, if you enlarge this photo, I tell you, you will see the boy’s bottom lips stretched into a delightful little smile, revealing his pearly whites….cannot even imagine what we did before Murphy! 

And…if Mark was to have read my blog entry from yesterday, he would have told me  1) I focussed wrongly 2) time for another eye examination. He would be wrong on both counts, as I was using a bit of artistic license (I think I want to spell this the UK way, as it is “C”‘s all the way round.) Being an American means that we do things our “own way” including making people very nervous about not being able to spell very well! I noticed in just the short time we were in Canada, that they never diverted from the English English.

So….my Grandmother’s peony, remixed, today, with the Nikon…and, in focus. (making the flower appear more “harsh”!!!