Cool in the Pool

I have been feeling pretty sad about my recent posts….it seems like things have taken a bit of a bad turn here in the Bristolwood…

Believe it or not, this morning, I was awakened to two sick Scotties….Murphy now had the “runs” just like Angus.

As soon as 9:00 rolled around, I called a nearby veterinary hospital and made appointments for both of the Scots.  As I looked at the boys, I suddenly felt  a little embarrassed by their appearance. They looked like wild woolly little bear cubs.

Michelle helped me gather all of my grooming necessities and I went to work on those fur-balls! Here is a picture of Angus pre-grooming, sitting next to the radically red geranium.


Today was one of the hottest days of the year. It was REALLY hot. I set to work, grooming Murphy first, as he is generally the easier to trim of the two boys.   I worked as rapidly as possible. I was feeling rather miserable and snappy, so I thought the Scotties certainly must feel the same!  After grooming was complete on Murphy, I set to work on Angus, the unwilling Scottie!

I did a fairly good job with Murphy even though he sneered and growled at one point. Angus, on the other hand, still sports ugly hairy ears, but he would not even consider letting me using the scissors.

While I was working away, Michelle disappeared for a bit and came back with a plastic kiddie swimming pool we had purchased for the Scots. Angus was so thrilled to see the little blue pool,  but Murphy just backed away.




Murphy sat alongside the  pool and watched Angus.

When it was time to go to the vet, we  gathered everything together and left.

The vet visit went well. Stool samples indicated the illness the pups are experiencing were not parasite related, although the samples were sent on to a lab. We were given a medicine to administer and were instructed to continue on with the chicken and rice feedings.

We arrived back home a little after 6:00. As we made our way into the house, it was obvious that, once again, our power was out. While we were out, the truck thermometer read 98 degrees! It was hideously hot and with no power, that meant no fans, no air, no nothing! Fortunately, the outage only lasted a couple of hours.

I do believe the Scottie boys are on the mend. And I am feeling so much better. There is nothing quite so sad as a sick pup!

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  1. I’ve wanted to get one of those pools for our dogs… they are water dogs after all. I do think that our older dog, Abby would turn her nose up at it as she hates to get baths, but Lucy…. I bet she’d go for a swim. She drinks out of the garden hose and loves when I put the hose on mist and hold it up for her. She just tips her head up and loves to get her face all wet.

  2. Poor Scottie boys. Joe is very lethargic in this heat. He finds cool spots on the floor under the ceiling fan and lays there looking all pathetic. The girls filled their kiddie pool the other day and played in it for a long time. We offered Joe a swim in it last year and he got rather upset and ran away from it. He is definitely NOT interested in water, except to drink! Oh, well.

  3. Oh your Scottie boys are gorgeous – I do hope they get well soon (as much for your benefit as theirs, can’t be nice cleaning up after them!).

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