Escape from the Bristolwood

I guess I am being a little facetious here.  To tell the truth, I am in a foul mood and I will freely admit it. You see, we are currently under a siege by Gyspy Moth caterpillars. Everywhere one turns, those disgusting “worms” seem to be. I hate those things. They evoke bad memories and their destruction is so devastating.  At this point in time, I am anxious to leave my home, as I feel so depressed by these things…….

Before I tell of today’s adventure, I will share one more of my beautiful Columbine flowers with you..surely this will brighten my mood!


We were up and out the door this morning to do a few little tasks. First on the agenda was hitching up the camper to take it to get inspected. Since the kids have become experts in hitching and unhitching, I needed to only stand by to make sure all of the steps are done.

On our way, one of the brakes on the truck began making a most horrific sound! It was terrible and when we looked, the front passenger brake was scoring the rotor quite severely.  This made Mark a little edgy, as we have had the truck in on numerous occasions for brake work.  This warranted a call to the Chevy garage and an appointment has been made for next Tuesday.

We dropped the camper off at the RV sales place and went on our way once again.

The next stop was at Mark’s mom’s house. She had a doctor appointment this afternoon and Mark takes her to the appointments, as she gets nervous about driving in the city. We squawked our way throughout the drive….the noise of those brakes was just so overwhelming, it could not be ignored!

We were early to pick up my mother-in-law, so Mark took the long way to the doctor. We drove through the city and it is such a good thing I always carry a camera on me…..


Does the name “New Comer” for a funeral home *not* cause your lips to curl into a grin? Oh, come on! For one reason or another, I love looking at the names of funeral homes. I haven’t done a wordless Wednesday in quite some time, but last year I featured a photo of “Amigone” Funeral Home. (I have since discovered this is a chain in the Buffalo area) I also remember as a child, we used to giggle when we passed through Gowanda, New York, home of  “Wentland” Funeral Home.

So, funeral homes aren’t your cup of tea? Well, how about the “Mushroom Church”? My kids always used to refer to the Ukrainian Catholic Church that way…..


We dropped Mark and his mom off at the doctor, then I drove up the road so I could photograph this church’s rooflines.  Not sure what, exactly, those projections are called, but I used to think it was so funny when the kids called them mushrooms.

We did a few errands and returned home shortly after 6.  It wasn’t exactly an exciting day, but it was okay.

Mark plans to take a look at the Explorer tomorrow to see if he is able to fix it, or if it also needs to be attended to at the Ford garage. So sad….two broken vehicles! Mark is finally healed from a pressure sore, so now he will be able to take a look at the Explorer. (it has been indisposed since April!)

Me? I think I will take refuge in the camper, which is now neatly parked near the front porch on the driveway. If it becomes hot, I can turn on the air conditioner. And, I can cook and clean and just ignore those dreadful caterpillars attacking the trees outside the door! Instead, I can pretend I am on a camping excursion and that will make everything so much better….