Bragadocious Bread Post!


So, did that title catch your eye? And, I know….daisies have nothing to do with the bread post, but I found this cluster growing not too far from the house and they were just so pretty, I had to photograph them!

Several years ago, I joined one of those book clubs. I actually joined two….one for craft books, including knitting books and soap-making books, and the other was a cooking book club.  I bought several books from each, and, as so often happens, the books got shuffled aside and the bread machine books I had purchased wound up in a big plastic tub. 

As I was looking through the plastic tubs in the closet the other day, I discovered two bread machine cookbooks!  I took the largest book out to quickly browse through it… I looked, I suddenly found myself hungering, hankering…..for bread!  I made a list of some of the ingredients I might need from a few recipes and tucked the book aside.

As I thought about posting this entry on my blog today. I looked for the title Bread Machine by Jennie Shapter,  only to discover this book is out of print.  If, however, you can find a copy of it, I highly recommend this book! (I also discovered it was previously published as The Ultimate Bread Machine Book. )


This book is filled with all types of exotic and delicious recipes. The recipes mostly use the machine only to mix and proof the dough, with some work ahead in the form of shaping and baking…..however, I think the work is well worth it!

As I looked through the book, one of the recipes that caught my eye was for Multigrain Onion Rolls.  Since I have discovered the marvelous Kitchen Aid Food Processor I bought, along with my terrific Bosch stove that has a “proofing” mode,  my bread machine is now sitting on a shelf in the basement. (one of these days, it needs to find a home!) 

The first step in making the rolls was to lightly brown a large onion, chopped, in 2 tablespoons of butter. Seeing the picture of the onions in the skillet is what really caught my eye!  It was funny, as Mark looked through the book later,  he commented he had no idea how I picked that recipe! (apparently he isn’t as onion-addicted as I!)

So, here are my rolls as they debuted this afternoon for lunch. (served with my Broccoli-Cheese soup I made as the rolls finished up)


I only wish you could taste these rolls….they are so light and delicious!!! They really do not have a strong onion flavor at all, but are quite savory!

The kids really loved these rolls and late this afternoon, Michelle wondered aloud how they would work for hamburgers!


Tada! The recipe made a dozen rolls and we still have four or five left. 

Can’t wait to make my next recipe!!! The one downside to my baking escapade was when I accidentally “chopped” the tip of my thumb while chopping onions! Oops! 

 Chris, over in Scotland,  bakes sourdough bread and got me excited about making some of my own.  I had a bowl of starter sitting on the counter, and when I cut my thumb,  I waved my hand, causing the starter to tip and spill out of the bowl!  I was so disappointed, but there is enough to still make some bread. I am thinking that  it will work out, as I had stirred the starter only about half an hour before.  I will probably toss out the rest of the starter, as I am unsure how to replenish it, but the book mentioned above has a recipe for sourdough starter, using no yeast. (the recipe for the bread states that the airborne  yeast spores will cause the flour and water mix to ferment…perhaps because of the use of organic flour?)

 I still have a couple more days before the previous starter is ready, so this is like a great adventure in baking!!! Stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way….I was bragging about the fabulous book, NOT my skills! I hardly would qualify as a “baker”….I am just so excited!