The Man in my Window!

Yes, it would have to be a very tall man to actually see in my window. That is, unless…….

That *man* happens to be the very attractively handsome Rose-Breasted Grosbeak!


The sun was just rising above the peak of the house, and the wind is blowing so strongly, I am impressed I got any photos of my fellow at all that even resemble him!

The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the leaves bouncing about like the waves on the water!  I smiled and thought my little red-bibbed “peeper” looked very similar to a surfer riding the waves!



At this point, I’ve a confession, of sorts…In the bedroom, there are two windows hung side by side. I have a screen in the one on the right, and it remains open as long as the weather doesn’t come in.  I was taking these photos out of the left window, through the glass. I only wish there was some way to be able to photograph sans that darn window, but it looks like the balcony is out.  Alas, I digress….

This little grosbeak was well aware of my invasion into his world, but he was a very patient fellow. He remained steadfast, clinging to the branch, even as I mounted my monopod onto the camera and came close to the window. And, as I did so, I was making this really ridiculous little bird noise that I often make when photographing birds.

So, what did he think? You be the judge!


Of course, while I was looking through the photos I had taken on the laptop, didn’t a Swallowtail Butterfly stop and light on a leaf in the tree? But, by the time I removed the card from the computer and placed it in the camera and turned the camera on, it swooped off and into the air! Drat!

But, I did spot a wee little Ruby-Throated Hummingbird sitting on a branch!


After all this activity this morning, I am currently sitting on the front porch with the Scotties while they “brush” their teeth with raw bones.  As I was sitting, I looked up and saw the cutest little finch on a branch nearby looking as though she was looking at *me*!


We are promised bright sunny skies today, along with very warm temperatures. Right now, I am happy to have the warmth of the laptop on my legs as I am wearing a windbreaker type jacket and freezing! As you could see in the grosbeak photos, the sky is totally intense blue and there isn’t a cloud to be seen!