Shuffling off to Buffalo

Yesterday, we ventured far away from the Bristolwood.  One might say that this was an adventure which  originally began several weeks ago, however!

Several years ago, Mark was working in Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester. Believe it or not, he drove nearly 50 miles to work each day.  He would sometimes shop in the area during his lunch and one day, he came home with a La-Z Boy chair that he came to love. It was a small recliner….nothing fancy, but it soon became his favorite chair.  That chair was inexpensive, and after a few years, the seat began to show its wear… first became threadbare, then a rather large hole appeared that really annoyed me!

When Mark’s dad passed away three years ago, we inherited his furniture. One piece was a brand new Pride lift chair that had never even been used.  As I looked at the new chair, I told Mark the threadbare chair had to go! He very reluctantly agreed to let the chair go, but it was no easy decision for him!

After three years, we have come to the conclusion that the vinyl covering on the Pride chair is not good at all!  Mark gets uncomfortable sitting on the chair, oftentimes overheating!

So, after much discussion, we decided to pick up another “disposable” La-Z Boy recliner.  Even though we could get a better chair, Mark insisted that he loves *that* particular chair! I really was displeased with the “strange red” color of the first chair, so I happily agreed to the navy blue cover on the one he located in Buffalo.

Bottom line is, he paid for the chair over the phone, and we were off to downtown Buffalo to pick up the new recliner.  We didn’t leave the house until noon, so it was a rather late start to the day.

We were told we could pick up the new chair downtown at the warehouse, so Mark set the GPS with the address and we were amazed to have found our way through back streets we had not traveled before!

As we passed along buildings in the heart of the city, I wished longed for a chance to photograph  Buffalo. I would love to do one of the Photo A Day blogs for Buffalo, as there is so much to see and do there! Not only are there terrific chances to shoot architecture, but Buffalo sits in Lake Erie.

Here is a teeny-tiny taste of some of the buildings we passed……



This  “herringbone” building really made my heart throb! I just love the color, texture, construction!!!


I am not sure what building it is, nor what it is for, but it does have a restaurant located there. I saw it as I zoomed in for a closer look at the detail on the building.


As you might notice, I am attracted to fancy and multi-colored work on buildings. It seems so unusual and attractive!


I know that graffiti can be an art form, and this just blew my socks off!


If I could have gotten out of the truck and walked about some, I am sure I would have filled my SD card with Buffalo photos. (and I have a 4 gig card!) It just seemed like every turn we took only introduced us to another cool building!


We neared the harbor area and off in the distance, my (keen!!!) eyes spotted WIND GENERATORS!!!! Several of them, looking as though they were located right at the lake’s edge.

At this point, Mark quietly reminded me to calm down. After all….we were leaving the US of A for yet another adventure!!!

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  1. I absolutely love going to downtown Buffalo just to “look,” not at shopping stuff, but at the buildings. Have you been down Elmwood lately? Talk about cool graffiti…

  2. I love reading your blog! You think like I do. You even photograph like I do. LOL The photos of graffiti and buildings….same things I look for in a new city! Graffiti really IS super cool!!

  3. Carly, I guess I gotta add Elmwood Ave to my “to do” list? Too bad you and I couldn’t take a little (photo) trip together. THAT would be a trip, eh?

    Thank you, Jeanne! I suffer (severely) from wanderlust!!!! When I see a new city, I go bonkers! The last time we were downtown Bflo was for a Sabres game, and it was a hurry-in-nd-out visit. I lived in Bflo for a few months and I really do miss the atmosphere there from time to time. I also lived in NYC for about a year, and that had the ultimate “train graffiti”. Some of it was so elaborate, it truly looked very much like art, as opposed to just “graffiti”.

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