Okay, Dear Readers….

I realize that I have already made three (?) entries in my blog thus far, but it is the weekend and I think you should be relaxing at your computer and just enjoying some of the hundreds of photos I took yesterday!

The following are photos I took at the butterfly conservatory yesterday with the Panasonic camera I recently purchased. Some of them were good enough that I just wanted to share them.

The first photo is a butterfly that has emerged from its chrysalis.  As I was taking this photo, a woman called her friend over/ to see the gorgeous butterfly that was just born….Please excuse any glare….this photo was taken through glass. The butterflies emerge and then must find their way through holes drilled in the glass (probably plexiglass) to escape into the green world of the conservatory. Note to self: why did I not photograph the “escape holes”?


Oh glory….what is the plural of chrysalis? I certainly don’t think I know! Well, this is where the multiple chrysalises (?) hang from a board……As you can observe, many of the butterflies have emerged and are sitting on their empty chrysalis…..




Mmmmm…this crew is enjoying orange slices and brown bananas! The bananas do seem to be the favorite du jour!







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  1. Crysalises or crysalides…you were correct. I see that you did not capture the elusive blue interior of the Blue Morpho, the butterflies feeding on the fresh fruit, either. I chased a couple of those while we were there and got mediocre pictures of the beautiful blue interior of them.

  2. WOW…absolutely awesome!!! And I never knew that butterflies munched on orange slices and bananas!! Looks like you had a terrific time!

  3. Carly, you are like Bill Nye, the Science Guy! You always have the answer. Might help that you had all that “Science teacher” training! hehehe Yes, those Blue Morpho flew right in front of my face a couple of times, but I just enjoyed looking at the color…blue *is* my favorite, after all!

    Jeanne, it was indeed a terrific time…..ususally, when Mark and the kids go along, they get antsy…I TRY to take my time, but they make me nervous! I was in the conservatory about an hour and a half. That camera bag got pretty heavy, but I did change out lenses a coule of times. What really got to me was the heat….I am not a summer person…I don’t sweat, causing me to get far overheated. Strange, I know. They have misters located here and there, plus water features, making it very greenhouse-like in that big glass enclosure!!!!!

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