Might I Suggest?

If you ever find the need/desire/whatever? to shuffle off to Buffalo, you must try a La Nova Pizza.

Last night, as we made our way back home, we decided since we were famished  we had not eaten since lunchtime, we would make a special little trip to Williamsville.  Williamsville is north of Buffalo, and if you just stay on Route 5, you will pass through it!


See what it says in the upper left corner of this box? How many pizzerias can make that claim?  Since we were so hungry, we ordered a large pizza…..half double cheese and half cheese and pepperoni.  If you don’t mind strands of gooey, stringy mozzarella cheese coursing through your veins,  order the double cheese! I never SAW so much cheese on a pizza! And, it was fabulous,delicious, spectacular, mind-boggling!!!! Too bad we gobbled everything down right away….I could have shown you just how delicious it looked!


All that remains is two plates, a pile of napkins, and memories……


I really do have one more entry for my blog, but since I have posted FIVE entries just today, I think I will reserve that one last one for tomorrow. I do know that after all the beautiful butterflies and talk of scrumptious food,  you might need to rest now….

(just think if I ever went on a REAL vacation for many days!!! to a REALLY foreign country!!!!!)

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  1. Oh good grief! I was a little too trigger happy! I meant to click on sustenance to correct my spelling, and clicked on submit comment instead…what a dummy! Anyway! As I was saying…

    I looked at your blog while quite hungry, and found my absolute favorite pizza place ever, calling to me! I could really go for a super steak pizza and an order of BBQ wings!!!!

    Okay, I have to find something, albeit less exciting than Nova, to eat now! Harumpf!

  2. Aw, Carly…..you need to take a day trip to Bflo and grab a pizza and wings. We had forgotten just how yummy this food was. The fact that we were really hungry made it all the more tasty, too!

    Jeanne, you deserve an award for sticking with ALL five posts!!! I just had so many different “subjects”, so I divided them the best I could!

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