Leaving the Country



I stand amazed at how people really seem to dislike “religion”, and yet the Bible is quoted so frequently….We crossed the US/Canadian border via the Rainbow Bridge.  In the above photo,  there is a portion of Scripture written (in concrete!) regarding God’s promise to never again flood the earth.  I guess it was chosen for its referene to the “bow”.  Hey, they could have etched Somewhere Over the Rainbow in that concrete, eh? Nope…it was from the Bible, instead!


I should get some points for knowing that the language above was Latin! And, being (once again) so clever, I Googled the words and came up with the this .  Once again,interesting that the motto of Canada came from (imagine that!) the Scriptures.

When Mother’s  Day came (and went) almost three weeks ago, Mark was not able to get out and do what he wanted, due to the sore he had.  He and Ben talked together, and decided that since I wanted  to go to Canada, they would take me for a late Mother’s Day.  So, yesterday was “my” day.


Canadian and US flags….


Yup, here we are, in a foreign country!


Complete with the famous Mounties!!! But, all of this tourist “stuff” is NOT what I came for. No, sireeeee……

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  1. Carly, hope the pictures were up to snuff!

    Jeanne, that is too funny! It was such a gray and dismal sky against the flags, but it worked, anyway!!!

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